So Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has bought a $70 million yacht. Well . . . good for him.

No, I mean it: Good for him. This is the kind of thing rich people should buy, instead of, for instance, free agents. He could have gotten two Albert Haynesworths for the same price, but both would have ended up at the bottom of the harbor.

Put another way, it’s $30 million less than the Redskins “gave” Donovan McNabb last year before cutting him loose. Maybe some of the fired Redskins coaches finally came off the books and freed up a little spare change.

Let’s face it, Snyder has spent money on sillier things: free agents, for example. Maybe he can take the Redskins out for a celebratory sail when the season is over, remembering, of course, the dangers of the ocean: icebergs, perfect storms, the Vikings’ party boat disaster of 2005.

It’s unclear if Snyder intends the Lady Anne for personal use or as an investment. The latter seems more likely because it appears he bought it as part of a group, so if that’s the case, I’d caution against renaming it Six Flags of the Sea.

The Lady Anne is supposed to be one of the 100 most beautiful yachts in the world — I have this vision of yachts sailing a catwalk with sashes across their bows; I mean, who judges these things? — and Snyder likes to be on lists, such as “richest people” and “most valuable franchises.” Why not “most beautiful yachts”?

I know what you’re thinking: It would be great if rich people would give away their dough, like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and Ted Leonsis (if Rashard Lewis’s contract isn’t a giveaway, I don’t know what is).

But rich people like toys, just like we all do. Can you honestly say if you were an actual billionaire, you’d never buy anything just for fun? I can’t. If I had Snyder-style money, I wouldn’t buy a yacht – but that’s only because my biggest “death fear” is shark attack. I’d probably buy $70 million worth of something that would seem silly to Dan Snyder. So fair’s far.

The truth is, if Snyder is buying yachts, he’s not throwing money at football players. He’s come a long way since the days of Deion Sanders and Bruce Smith. The 2011 version of his team must be one of the least expensive the Redskins have fielded since Snyder bought the team. And this team is 3-1 and leading the division.

I wouldn’t choose yachts over free agents forever, of course, and if Snyder bought a yacht instead of, say, an enclosed place for the Redskins to practice in inclement weather, then that would be wasteful.

But if Snyder wants to go in on a big boat, that is his business. If he wants to start dressing like the Old Spice guy in the captain’s hat who drowns in gold coins, that’s his business, too — and frankly, I’d like to see that.

But on the high seas, Dan, remember your biggest worry isn’t the Cowboys or the Eagles or even Cerrato’s draft advice. It’s pirates. Arrrrrrrrrgh!