For their final challenge John Mann , Michael Ortman and John Pence each took a timed 30-question quiz (in the Post’s downtown office with no access to the internet). Almost every question was submitted by a reader and by all accounts it was pretty hard. Out of 54 possible points, John M. scored a 32, Michael had a 30 and John P. scored a 29.

Here’s your chance to see how you’d do on the quiz. Read and comment on the tougher, mostly fill-in-the-blank version they took or take the interactive multiple-choice version.

Here’s what the three contestants has to say about the quiz:

John Mann: “It was very name heavy so there were a lot where I could describe the person but couldn’t come up with the name. But it was fair. I was afraid it would be all 1950’s Redskins and 1930s Senators questions, but this was good.”

Michael Ortman:“It was terrific. Very, very fair. I didn’t prepare properly because I thought it was going to be true-false and multiple choice and I can never get jersey numbers straight...When preparing for multiple choice, you do a cursory study of a lot of subjects and for fill in the blank you study lists... If trivia had been the first challenge I wouldn’t be here. At 51 your memory isn’t what the young whippersnapper’s is.”

John Pence: “It was absolutely fair. There were some surprising questions (D.C.’s first pro soccer team.) But it was fun. Tough, but fun.”