The Virginia High School League Executive Committee, which earlier this year came within one vote of approving a new rule that would further detail the number of innings that baseball pitchers are allowed to throw between rest periods, voted 24-0 against the proposal at its meeting Thursday and sent the matter back to its Sports Medicine Advisory Committee.

That committee will present a revised proposal at a VHSL meeting in September.

The rule would have allowed a pitcher to throw as many as nine innings in one day but no more than 15 innings in any seven-day period. The amount of rest required between outings would depend on how many innings the pitchers threw.

Northern Region coaches did not like the proposal. Some advocated for measuring pitchers’ workloads by pitch count, which they find to be a more accurate tool to measure the stress put on young arms. But the VHSL and some coaches in the state believe that would be too unwieldy of a system. Vermont, with 90 high schools to Virginia’s 316, is the only state that bases its pitchers’ workloads on pitch counts.

Under Virginia’s current rule, a pitcher cannot throw in more than 10 innings in any two consecutive calendar days.