Bowie Coach Jae Jackson and the entire Bulldogs football team were suspended one game for leaving the designated bench area for an on-field fight in the team’s 20-13 loss to Westlake last Friday.

As a result of the suspensions, the Bulldogs did not have enough eligible players to field a team for Friday’s game against C.H. Flowers, and therefore were forced to forfeit the game.

“Officials reviewed a video of the incident following the game and determined the teams were out of the designated team box, so they disqualified the players,” Prince George’s County Athletic Director Earl Hawkins said. “According to our administrative procedure, players and coaches who are disqualified from a game must sit out the next contest.”

Hawkins said the decision of who to suspend was left to the game officials, who determined the entirety of both squads had violated the rules. Westlake forfeited its game against Lackey, scheduled for Thursday night, as a result.

Jackson and the school’s athletic director, Jessica Brandt, did not immediately respond to requests for comment, though Hawkins said the coaches “know the policy” and therefore understood the suspensions.

In a letter sent Wednesday to parents of the football team obtained by The Post, Bowie Principal Dr. Drewana Bey requesting parental assistance “in maintaining and/or restoring order” during games.

“All players must display restraint and remain on the sidelines in order to allow the coaches and game officials to handle the situation,” Bey wrote. “Unfortunately, failure to do so in this instance, have caused dire consequences for the school, coaches, and more importantly, the players.”

With the forfeit, Bowie falls to 0-2, whole Flowers improves to 2-0. Westlake is now 1-1.