Bobby Richards, who spent the last 28 years at Cardozo, including time as a teacher, coach and athletic administrator, decided it was time to move on. (1998 PHOTO John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Longtime Cardozo football coach and athletic director Bobby Richards has resigned from both positions. In a telephone interview Monday, Richards — who served as a teacher, coach and athletic administrator at Cardozo over the past 28 years — said that with the school ushering in a new principal, he felt it was time for him to move on.

Richards said Jackie Johnson, who previously was the football team’s wide receivers coach, will serve as interim head coach until a permanent replacement is named. Cardozo, which plays in the DCIAA West, went 1-8 last season.

Before the start of the 2011-12 academic year, Richards retired in his capacity as a social studies teacher at the school, and he said having to live solely off the part-time stipends Cardozo affords the football coach and athletic director positions impacted his decision, as well.

“I went a whole year without working, so it’s a good time for me to step off,” Richards said. “I can’t really afford to continue for another year.”

Cardozo recently hired Tanya Roane as the school’s new principal, and she will lead the search for a new athletic director and football coach. Richards said the football program and the athletic department as a whole are in need of reconstruction, and he felt now would be a proper time for him to part ways with the school.

Richards spent 25 years as Cardozo’s football coach and 22 years as the school’s athletic director. He was a teacher at the Northwest public school for three years prior to becoming the football coach, and he said in the past year he has missed the daily interactions with the students.

“I’ve been there 28 years, and I’ve had good players, and when we had good players, we won,” Richards said. “Just lately we haven’t been getting them. The neighborhood is in transition, a lot of new families moving in. So I think we’ll get back on the winning side once the neighborhood stabilizes a little bit. But it’s been a pleasure being there all these years. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Richards’s last day is Friday.