Daryl Tilghman, shown here in 2004 using Madden 2005 on PlayStation 2 as a coaching tool, has resigned from Theodore Roosevelt. (Preston Keres/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Theodore Roosevelt football coach and athletic director Daryl Tilghman, one of the mainstays of the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association, has retired from the Northwest Washington school.

“I thought it was time to move on to do something else,” he said. “I’ve been here doing this 24 years and I thought it was time.”

Tilghman, a 1984 graduate of Theodore Roosevelt, began coaching at the school as an assistant football coach three years later. In 1995, he became the school’s athletic director and head football coach and had been serving in both roles ever since.

Tilghman, who retired on Saturday, said he likely wasn’t going to coach again. He chose to step away now because it would give the school time to find replacements for both positions.

“It’s tough leaving the kids,” Tilghman said. “But sometimes you just have to.”