A fight that appeared to start in the stands ended Wednesday night’s game between Cardozo and Baltimore’s ConneXions School for the Arts in Baltimore.

The fight began in the second quarter and appears to have involved spectators of the game, according to a video of the fight and Cardozo Athletic Director Bobby Richards. The fight quickly escalated and involved players from both teams. At one point, it appears a police officer tries to separate the two sides of spectators and players.

A near-three minute video posted online that appears to depict the fight shows players and spectators exchanging punches, shoves and even kicks. At one point, a player’s jersey was yanked off, a chair was thrown and spectators threw other spectators onto the floor from the stands.

A telephone message left for Cardozo Coach Greg McCants wasn’t immediately returned.

Richards said the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association and Athletic Director Stephanie Evans were investigating the incident. He also said he expected players suspensions would be handed down.

“I’m sure some of them will be disciplined because there are quite a few Cardozo kids running around,” said Richards, who wasn’t at the game. “We could have had better control of our kids. . . . It’s unfortunate because [a fight] is the type of thing that we try to avoid.”

No injuries to Cardozo players were reported, he said.

This isn’t first time this season a fight has ended a game involving a DCIAA team. On Sept. 3, Dunbar’s football game against Dunbar-Baltimore was called in the fourth quarter when a fight broke out between players.

On Oct. 22, a football game between Anacostia and McKinley was called in the third quarter when a fight broke out between players.

Both incidents resulted in forfeits of later games as a penalty.