Donald Gallitz, the Gar-Field High girls’ basketball coach accused by one of his players of misdemeanor assault and battery during a game in January, will not be prosecuted for the alleged offense, Prince William Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Judge Paul F. Gluchowski ruled Monday morning.

The charge may or may not remain on Gallitz’s record. His attorney, Carroll A Weimer Jr., said that Gallitz could file for an expungement that would further clear his name.

The player, a minor, charged in a citizen’s criminal complaint filed Jan. 13 that Gallitz during a timeout in a Jan. 4 game at Forest Park “grabbed my bottom jaw and shook my face for roughly about 15 seconds saying what I needed to do.”

Gallitz, 39, a video media production teacher at Forest Park, has been on administrative leave since Jan. 17. The accusing player, a senior, remained on the team through the end of the 4-17 season.

Gallitz, with about 25 colleagues, family members and other supporters on hand outside the courtroom, declined to comment. Weimer said that he would have preferred that the charges been dismissed but that the prosecution’s acknowledgment of not having an offense to pursue was “almost as good.”

The accusing player’s mother said that she would consider pursuing other legal options.

“This is not over,” she said. “I’m glad it’s not expunged from his record because if he ever does this again, it’s going to be on his record. One reason we wanted to follow through was for the next child.”

Gallitz, a former assistant for three years at Forest Park, was in his first season at Gar-Field. He and Weimer said they are uncertain what steps Gallitz must take to try to regain his coaching position. Gallitz will resume teaching at Forest Park on Tuesday.

In a letter posted on the Gar-Field Web site on Jan. 17, Gar-Field Principal William G. Bixby wrote that Child Protective Services and county police looked into the allegations and “found no cause to pursue the matter further.”