Wilson Coach Eric White, left, resigned from his position last week at the request of the administration. (Preston Keres/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

After leading his team to a third consecutive appearance in the DCIAA title game this winter, Wilson girls’ basketball Coach Eric White will step away from the team that he’s headed for the last eight years.

Last Tuesday, White, 47, was asked to resign from his position so the Wilson administration can hire a coach who teaches at the school.

“All I know is they wanted to go in another direction,” White said. “At any point I knew I could be gone, but when it actually happened I was just like ‘Why?’”

Since Wilson athletic director Mitch Gore came to the school four years ago, he’s worked to hire more coaches who serve as teachers, and due to a union agreement teachers get priority for coaching positions, according to Gore.

“Coach White and assistant coach Mike Sampson have done a great job,” Gore said. “But we’re ready to move inside the building with a staff member that wants to coach.”

White took over the team after his daughter, Gabriella, graduated following the .

In his eight years at the helm, he’s guided the Tigers to five 20-win seasons and all of his players have gone on to college.

“I enjoyed helping the girls because it’s all about the kids’ development,” White said. “The people within the Wilson community are good folks. I’m going to miss the people.”

Wilson will begin to hold interviews the next couple of weeks as the Tigers embark on their first coaching search in nearly a decade.

“They had a good year,” Gore said. “We’re going to miss the consistency and the presence he provided in the program.”