Already sullen following their 48-42 overtime loss Saturday to Bergen Catholic (N.J.), the Friendship Collegiate Knights returned to their locker room at Anacostia — where they played their home games this season — and discovered valuables had been stolen. Bergen players made a similar postgame finding.

According to Friendship Collegiate Coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and Bergen Catholic Athletic Director Jack McGovern, three suspects allegedly stole personal possessions from six Friendship players and 13 Bergen Catholic players during Saturday’s game. The stolen items included headphones, cellphones, wallets and iPods.

McGovern said Monday in a telephone interview that two of the perpetrators were taken into custody following Saturday’s game and that D.C. police had a solid lead on the third suspect thanks to images from the school’s interior security cameras.

“There was some miscommunication, I think,” McGovern said.

According to Anacostia football Coach Cato June, no Anacostia football players were involved in the incident.

D.C. Public Schools, which responded on behalf of the D.C. police department, said that only one individual was involved.

Anacostia Athletic Director Walter Bond did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Each Friendship player who had something stolen filed a police report, Rahim said. McGovern said Bergen Catholic filed a police report early Saturday evening and that some of the stolen cellphones and cash had been recovered by police.

“I felt bad for our kids,” Rahim said. “But it’s unfortunate a [visiting] team comes down here trusting the environment to secure their stuff and things happen.”

Bergen Catholic (5-3) tied Saturday’s contest on a field goal with no time left in regulation. In overtime, Friendship Collegiate (6-3) threw an interception on fourth down to end its offensive possession, and Bergen capitalized by throwing a game-winning touchdown pass three plays later.