Suitland has clinched the No. 1 seed in the Maryland 4A South region. (Doug Kapustin/For The Washington Post)

In anticipation of the final week of the regular season, the AllMetSports staff compiled playoff scenarios for all 10 public school regions in Maryland that contain schools in our coverage area. Check out whether your favorite team has clinched a spot, needs a win to get in or needs some help. *Note: All projections are unofficial. This post was updated on Thursday evening to correct all errors.

Maryland 4A North

In: Perry Hall (8-1), Paint Branch (8-1), Howard (7-2)

In with a win: Sherwood (6-3)

Host B.J. Koubaroulis runs through the top plays from the weekend of football in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. (Nick Plum for Synthesis/Koubaroulis LLC./The Washington Post)

Need help: Kenwood (6-3), Springbrook (5-4)

Skinny: Perry Hall and Paint Branch have clinched the top two seeds. If one of those teams wins and the other loses, the winning team will be the No. 1 seed and the losing team will be No. 2. Perry Hall plays Dundalk (6-3) while Paint Branch plays Gaithersburg (8-1). If both win or both lose, the top seed would come down to bonus points. Sherwood will clinch a playoff berth as either the No. 3 or No. 4 seed with a win over Kennedy (3-6). A Sherwood loss would open the door for Kenwood, but the Warriors could still make the playoffs with help even if they lose and Kenwood beats Parkville (2-7). Springbrook needs to beat Northwest (7-2), have Sherwood lose and have several other results fall its way to get in.

Maryland 4A South

In: Suitland (9-0), DuVal (8-1), C.H. Flowers (8-1)

In with a win: Wise (6-3)

Needs help: Bowie (5-4)

Skinny: Suitland has clinched the top seed and DuVal’s clinched the No. 2 seed. The winner of the game between Wise and C.H. Flowers will be the No. 3 seed. Bowie needs a win against Bladensburg (2-7), a Wise loss and one of a few combinations of a Parkdale win over Oxon Hill (4-5), Surrattsville (8-1) beating Douglass (7-2), Eleanor Roosevelt (5-4) beating Northwestern (3-6), and Suitland beating High Point (2-7). If Parkdale (2-7) doesn’t win, Bowie needs Surrattsville, Roosevelt, and Suitland to all win to earn the No. 4 seed and knock Wise out of the playoffs.

Star junior's godfather is former Hokie Dwight Vick who is the first cousin of Eagles QB Michael Vick. Christian grew up a Virginia tech fan but insists he is neutral now. (Nathan Bickell for Synthesis/Koubaroulis LLC./The Washington Post)

Maryland 4A East

In: Old Mill (9-0), Meade (8-1)

In with a win: Broadneck (7-2), Arundel (7-2)

Need help: Leonardtown (7-2), North Point (6-3)

Skinny: Old Mill has clinched the No. 1 seed. Meade would clinch the No. 2 seed with a win against Arundel. Arundel would clinch the No. 2 seed with a win and any two wins by Chesapeake, Glen Burnie and Northeast. Broadneck only needs to avoid an upset loss to clinch a playoff berth, while Arundel can also clinch a spot with a tougher win against Meade. Should Broadneck or Arundel lose, it would give Leonardtown and North Point a chance. North Point would have to beat Westlake (5-4) to have a shot, and would clinch a spot with a win and losses by Arundel and by Leonardtown against Great Mills (0-9). Leonardtown would clinch with a win and losses by Arundel and North Point. If Leonardtown and North Point both win while Arundel and/or Broadneck lose, or if Leonardtown, Arundel and North Point all lose, power points would come into play.

Maryland 4A West

In: Quince Orchard (8-1), Gaithersburg (8-1), Northwest (7-2).

In with a win: Clarksburg (6-3)

Need help: Whitman (6-3), Wootton (5-4)

Skinny: Quince Orchard can lock up the top seed with a win over Wootton this week. If the Cougars lose, Gaithersburg will earn the No. 1 seed with a win against Paint Branch. Northwest would have an outside shot at the No. 1 seed with a win against Springbrook and Quince Orchard and Gaithersburg losses. For the final spot, if Clarksburg wins, it’s in. If Clarksburg loses and Whitman beats Blair (4-5), the Coyotes are out. A Clarksburg loss and Whitman win would open the door for Wootton with wins from Bethesda-Chevy Chase (3-6) vs. Walter Johnson (1-8), Rockville (5-4) vs. Poolesville (6-3), Seneca Valley (6-3) vs. Blake (2-7) and Northwest vs. Springbrook. If Clarksburg and Whitman lose and Wootton wins, Clarksburg will clinch a berth if Blake and Magruder (1-8) vs. Randallstown (1-8) win. In that scenario, Wootton advances with wins from Damascus and Rockville, and a win from either Seneca Valley or Randallstown. If Wootton wins and both Clarksburg and Whitman lose, the Patriots advance. If Clarksburg, Whitman and Wootton all lose, Clarksburg advances.

Maryland 3A South

In: Huntingtown (8-1), Lackey (7-2)

In with a win: Stephen Decatur (6-3), Thomas Stone (6-3)

Need help: Northern (5-4), Westlake (5-4)

Skinny: Huntingtown has clinched the No. 1 seed. Lackey will host Thomas Stone on Friday to help determine how the rest of the region plays out. The Chargers can clinch the No. 2 seed with a win, while Thomas Stone could hold on to the fourth spot even with a loss, unless Northern is able to beat undefeated Patuxent. Westlake’s got a shot to sneak in on power points if the Wolverines beat North Point (6-3) and both Northern and Thomas Stone lose.

Maryland 3A East

In: Glenelg (8-1), City (7-2), River Hill (7-2)

In with a win: Reservoir (7-2)

Needs help: Digital Harbor (7-2), Poly (6-3)

Skinny: Glenelg is mostly secure at the top, but would definitively clinch the No. 1 seed with a win against Atholton (1-8) or a City loss against Poly (6-3). City would just about clinch the second seed if it can beat Poly. If the Black Knights fall, they would drop to third and the winner of the Reservoir vs. River Hill matchup would move ahead of them. The winner of that game will clinch a playoff spot and finish no lower than third. There’s a chance Reservoir could be knocked out on the basis of bonus points with a loss if Digital Harbor wins against W.E.B DuBois (5-4) or if Poly beats City.

Maryland 3A West

In: Urbana (8-1), Linganore (8-1), Damascus (8-1), South Hagerstown (8-1)

Skinny: The winner of the Urbana-Linganore game will earn the No. 1 seed. Damascus will be the No. 2 seed with a win against Churchill (1-8). If Churchill upsets Damascus, the Swarmin’ Hornets can still get the No. 2 seed with help, but they would need less help if Urbana beats Linganore. There is also a small chance Damascus could slide all the way to the No. 4 seed if they lose.

Maryland 2A South

In: Patuxent (9-0), Gwynn Park (9-0), Douglass (7-2), Hammond (6-3)

Skinny: The playoff quartet is all set in the Maryland 2A South, where Patuxent has clinched the No. 1 seed and Gwynn Park has wrapped up the No. 2 spot. If Douglass wins against Surrattsville (8-1) or Hammond loses to Centennial (6-3), the Eagles will take the No. 3 seed and Hammond will be No. 4. If Douglass loses and Hammond wins, Hammond will be No. 3 and Douglass No. 4.

Maryland 2A West

In: Middletown (9-0), South Carroll (8-1)

In with a win: Oakdale (6-3)

Need help: Poolesville (6-3), Catoctin (6-3)

Skinny: Catoctin, Oakdale and Poolesville enter the final week of the season in a race for the final two spots in the 2A West, where Middletown and South Carroll have already locked up the top two seeds. Poolesville likely must beat Rockville (5-4) on the road Friday night to get in. With a win, Poolesville would finish ahead of either or both of Catoctin and Oakdale should either or both of those teams lose Friday night. Oakdale plays Middletown and Catoctin plays Brunswick (3-6). If Poolesville, Oakdale and Catoctin all win, Oakdale will be in and it will come down to bonus points between Poolesville and Catoctin.

Maryland 1A North

In: Surrattsville (8-1), Forestville (7-2), Sparrow’s Point (6-3), FAET (6-2)

Skinny: Surrattsville’s clinched the No. 1 seed for the first time in school history, but after that, things get a little complicated for the other three teams with 1A North playoff berths in the bag. Forestville can grab the No. 2 seed if it beats Potomac (Md.) (5-4) and Sparrow’s Point loses to Overlea. If Forestville wins and Sparrow’s Point beats Overlea (4-5), the Knights need as many or more of the teams they’ve beaten to win this weekend than the teams Sparrow’s Point has beaten. Forestville can lock up the No. 2 seed without a win if a host of games go their way, including Sparrow’s Point and FAET losing their games, as well.