How’s this for timing? When Old Mill left-hander Josh Hader got a phone call Wednesday afternoon informing him that the Baltimore Orioles had selected him in the 19th round of Major League Baseball’s first-year player draft, he was en route to Camden Yards for a press conference for the Brooks Robinson All-Star Game.

His drafting was announced at the press conference, too. There aren’t many draftees who on draft day find themselves at the ballpark of the team that drafted them.

“It was pretty ironic I guess you could say,” Hader said. “It’s great to stay home. It really didn’t matter where I went, but it’s a great feeling to know that I’m going to be here in Maryland still and playing.”

Four of the Orioles’ six minor league affiliates are in the state, which is where Hader planned on playing anyway. Only now instead of attending Anne Arundel Community College, he could sign professionally, as the draft’s 582nd overall pick.

The 6-foot-3, 160-pound Hader this season went 10-0 with a save and posted a 0.39 ERA with 125 strikeouts in 722 / 3 innings for Anne Arundel champion Old Mill.

Hader said he had a feeling the Orioles would take him. He threw a bullpen session for the team last week at Camden Yards and the organization had told him they were eyeing him for a pick around the 20th round.

Player and team have arranged a Friday meeting to iron out the details.

“In my head, I really want to sign,” Hader said. “Nothing’s going to stop that. We’ll see.”

In the 36th round, the Washington Nationals selected Jewish Day catcher Max Ungar with the 1,104th pick.

Several alumni have been selected. Here’s the position/name/round/overall pick/drafting team/college and high school for the other locals chosen:

RHP Branden Kline/2/65/Baltimore Orioles/Virginia/Thomas Johnson

1B Matt Snyder/10/337/New York Yankees/Ole Miss/Westfield

RHP Kevin Brady/10/338/Philadelphia Phillies/Clemson/Gaithersburg

SS Alfredo Rodriguez/17/545/Milwaukee Brewers/Maryland/Oakton

2B Levi Hyams/19/599/Atlanta Braves/Georgia/Colonial Forge

RHP Shane Halley/20/613/Kansas City Royals/Virginia/Lake Braddock

RHP Kyle Haynes/20/616/Pittsburgh Pirates/VCU/Mountain View

RHP Adam Lopez/21/651/Chicago White Sox/VMI/Stafford

LHP Jimmy Reed/21/667/New York Yankees/Maryland/St. John’s

CF Matt Hillsinger/22/679/Oakland A’s/Radford/Spalding

3B Mike Snyder/23/717/Los Angeles Angels/Florida Southern/Westfield

RHP Brandon Kuter/29/906/Texas Rangers/George Mason/Robinson

RHP Michael Boyden/31/954/Washington Nationals/Maryland/La Plata

SS Jeff Kemp/31/957/Los Angeles Angels/Radford/Spalding

C Sam Mulroy/33/1,017/Los Angeles Angels/Princeton/Maret

Other locals of interest taken include Navy outfielder Alex Azor, who went to the Toronto Blue Jayes in the 10th round, two picks before George Mason University left-hander Chris O’Grady, who went to the Angels. Navy right-hander Preston Gainey went to the Brewers in the 11th round.

Ellicott City native John Kuchno, a right-handed pitcher from Ohio State, went to the Pirates in the 18th round. Georgetown shortstop Mike Garza went to the Brewers in the 20th round. The Yankees took Maryland right-hander Charlie Haslup in the 26th round. In the 39th round, Kansas City drafted Georgetown outfielder Justin Leeson.