Reggie Williams has resigned as head boys’ basketball coach at Carroll after nearly three seasons. The former Georgetown standout informed acting principal Beth Blaufuss of his decision on Thursday with three games left on the Lions’ regular season schedule.

Blaufuss said that Athletic Director George Leftwich and freshman Coach Antoine Powell will handle varsity and junior varsity coaching duties for the remainder of the season.

When reached by phone Thursday night, Williams cited a lack of administrative support and direction as the reasons for his resignation. Williams said these issues stretch back to November, when Blaufuss took over for retiring principal David Stofa.

“After Stofa left, the administration was not supportive and I couldn’t get the support that I felt I needed to compete in the [Washington Catholic Athletic Conference],” Williams said. “I had some impatient parents who were complaining that their kids weren’t playing and [Blaufuss] took their side and told me if I didn’t play who she told me to play, I would be fired; so I resigned. This principal knows nothing about athletics and I’m wondering what’s going on because I was never reprimanded in the last four months. I was floored when I heard about the complaints because parents never contacted me and I was never given a platform to address them.

Blaufuss declined to specifically address Williams’s allegations and said she was not at liberty to discuss any parental complaints since this is a personnel matter.

“I have no response to that, but I’m sorry he feels that way,” Blaufuss said. “I supported him and encouraged him. He chose to resign; I did not ask for him to step down. We appreciate all he did at Carroll and wish him the best.”

Since Williams was hired as coach in May 2010, the Lions have gone 27-50, including a 2-21 mark this season. Carroll is 0-15 in WCAC play.

“I watched a few games recently and [Williams] seemed a bit down, but he never said anything to me verbally about his feelings or wanting to resign,” Leftwich said. “I’ll miss the guy. When you’re having a bad season, everything is magnified and sometimes it snowballs.”

According to a parent of one of the players, Williams was verbally abusive to his team, late to several practices and games and failed to keep parents properly informed. The parent said these complaints were presented to the administration and that Williams was aware of them.

“There was no system in place. There were no parent meetings, practice times were always changed without notice and there was no structure,” said the parent who asked not to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the situation. “Once the administration became aware of the lack of professionalism, they acted quickly and efficiently.”

Williams called these claims “foolish,” saying any such complaints would have come from parents disgruntled with their child’s role on the team.

“If you let parents run the program, then you won’t have a program,” Williams said. “They are trying to attack my character. If a parent had legitimate complaints, Dr. Stofa would take care of those complaints. But when you have an inexperienced person running the show who doesn’t know sports, things get sloppy. Carroll is not successful right now because they don’t have good leadership.”

Leftwich acknowledged that he had heard complaints from parents about Williams using abusive language and being difficult to work with, leading Leftwich to have a conversation with Williams last year. Since then, Leftwich felt that Williams had “toned things down.”

“I’m not going to say problems didn’t exist, but I thought he would stick it out to where those things could be addressed,” Leftwich said. “But again, when you have the type of season that we’re having, everything is magnified and things can move quickly and get sour. I think that’s what happened here.”