The Carroll football team defeated Anacostia, 29-8, on Monday, completing a rain-suspended game that began a month ago and officially closing a dispute that necessitated the intervention of officials from three separate leagues.

Despite his team fumbling the ball in its own end zone on the second play after the contest resumed, Anacostia Coach Cato June said he was content merely with the opportunity to gain closure on the issue.

“Moreso than anything, it was the experience of, ‘Hey, we’re going to finish what we started,’” June said. “It just wasn’t owed to them. It not necessarily always about winning. Sometimes there’s some principle and some things to be learned about it.”

The game was postponed due to inclement weather Sept. 8 with 9 minutes 22 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and Carroll ahead, 16-0. Play never resumed that day, and the two teams departed Carroll’s home field without having reached an agreement on how to proceed.

Anacostia, a member of the D.C. Interscholastic Athletic Association, wanted to play out the final minutes of the contest at a later date. Carroll, a private school which resides in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, wished for the non-conference game to be deemed finished. Five days later, after officials from the DCIAA and WCAC – and most critically, D.C. Statewide Athletic Director Clark Ray – got involved, a compromise was brokered.

The game was completed Monday at Carroll, which paid roughly $600 for a new officiating crew. Anacostia paid for its own transportation.

“To me, it was kind of crazy, the whole thing, but I can understand what Cato’s trying to establish with his program and instill the right things in his kids,” Carroll Coach Rick Houchens said. “I think he’s done a good job with what he’s doing, and I respect what he’s trying to do. I just thought under the circumstances at the time that it was just kind of senseless because it wasn’t a league game or anything.”

Carroll is 2-4 overall; Anacostia is 3-3.