Cycling teams for the Tour de France tend to number around 30 people. Here’s Trek Factory Racing’s full team list, according to press officer Tim Vanderjeugd:

9 cyclists (although, because of injuries and circumstance, that number is now down to six; the Tour de France allows no substitutions);

1 general manager, who oversees team operations;

2 sports directors, who travel with the racers during the stages in two team cars along the route;

4 mechanics, who are split between the two team cars loaded with bikes and replacement parts;

1 trainer, whose job is to collect and analyze data off the cyclists computers to help inform the next day’s strategy

5 soigneurs, who not only give cyclists daily one-hour massages, but also prepare water bottles and snacks to hand off to cyclists at the Tour’s designated feed zones. Additionally, the soigneurs man the team’s luggage when it’s being transported between hotels, and basically ensure all non-mechanical operational duties go as smoothly as possibly;

1 doctor, who should not to be confused with the race doctors hired by the Tour de France who tend to injured riders during the race. The team’s doctor may travel along with the riders during the stages. But his main job is to take care of riders before and after the course, unless a particularly severe injury occurs, at which point the team physician would take over for the race doctor;

1 osteopath/chiropractor, who is hired specifically by the team only for the duration of the Tour de France to help riders maintain their general health throughout the three weeks of hard racing;

1 bus driver, who’s responsible for transporting the team and maintaining cycling equipment, such as shoes and helmets that are left on the bus;

1 photographer

1 technical manager, who oversees all the racing equipment;

1 chef, who caters to the riders needs. He mans a refrigerated kitchen truck and maintains fruitful relationships with the staff of whatever hotel’s kitchen he’ll be making meals out of next;

1 press officer, who fields journalists’ questions, organizes interviews with the cyclists and, generally, handles all communications and media for the team;

And a handful of other personnel such as drivers of hospitality vehicles, a hospitality manager who takes care of guests of Trek Factory Racing and more.

— Marissa Payne