Michael Kerdock is one of 10 finalists in The Washington Post’s D.C’s Greatest Sports Fan contest.

About me: I lived in the area my whole life. Graduated from U-Md., in 1979 with a business degree. Married with three beautiful children. Worked for the government for 23 years and now have my own business. 
Defining moment as a D.C. sports fan: I was watching the 1972 Redskins defeat the Dallas cowgirls 26-3 and hearing the loudest crowd ever at a sporting event. Seeing that stadium sway from the noise and watching Charley Taylor make that diving catch for a touchdown. We went on to lose to the best team ever in the 1972 Dolphins but that was the start of winning football for the Redskins. Boy do I miss that stadium. Fed Ex is not the same. 
Unheralded local athlete: Bobby Dandridge of the 1978 world champion Washington Bullets. The Bullets had great players like the Big E. and Wes Unseld but they never could win it all till they got Bobby D. He did all the little things right and fit in perfectly with the stars. He always hit crucial shots at big times in their playoff run. He never received the credit he deserved. 
Why I should win: I have followed the Redskins since I was five years old. I loved the old Redskins with Sonny Jurgenson, Charley Taylor,. Bobby Mitchell,Jerry Smith. They were exciting even though they hardly won. I went to every Md. basketball and football home game when I went to school there in 1974-1979. Remember missing that kick that would have beaten Penn State for the first time. Everyone thought it was good but it went wide left. Followed the Washington Senators on the radio growing up. I listened to every game until they left. Followed the Capitals when they first arrived in 1974. Got the 1978 Bullets that won the world championship to sign our wedding pictures . We were married on May 27,1978 and followed the Bullets on our honeymoon. Beat that .

What the judges had to say:

Tracee Hamilton: I loved the fact that he had the ’78 Bullets sign his wedding picture – that was unusual.