Mike Rapier is one of 10 finalists in The Washington Post’s D.C’s Greatest Sports Fan contest.

About me: Born, bred, and raised a D.C. sports fan.Enough said.
Born an O's fan until 2005 when we got the Nats. Don't remember the Senators.
If I was to pick an order for favorites...it would be 1. Nats 2. 'Skins 3. Caps 4. Wiz 5. United 

Defining moment as a D.C. sports fan: I was at RFK on Jan. 22, 1983 with my Dad to watch the 1982 NFC Championship against Dallas. We had upper deck seats endzone. When Darall Grant ran the int. into the endzone, that was on my side. I remember the stadium bouncing. I was 14 years old at the time. My dad smoked a cigar at his seat and no one cared!! High fives to people you don't know! It was cold that day too. I had been watching Redskins games since 1978, but this game was when I turned the corner and bleed burgundy and gold forever. I will never forget it. Makes me smile whenever I think about it. 

Unheralded local athlete:  Joe Theismann. Think about this. Since he broke his leg, how many QBs have the 'Skins gone through? 26 QB's in the 27 seasons since. His passes never looked pretty. He came off sarcastic. He talked too much. He was a winner. He gave 200%. He never gave up. He would get crushed and get right back up and throw a TD. He never complained. He gutted out wins. NFL Player of the Year 1983. Super Bowl XVII winner. Is a COMPLETE homer for his Redskins. I can spit out stats, but if Joe Theismann had NOT had his leg broken in 1985, you are looking at another 5 years of stability at QB. He was only 36 at the time of the hit. His leg getting broken changed the history of the QB position for the Redskins. 

Why I should win: I have worn out/outgrown more jerseys that I currently own. Started arguments that I know I won't win defending my DC teams. I probably could pay off my mortgage with the amount of items that I have bought that have one or more logos from the D.C. area. And in good times and bad, I have never cheered on another team, no matter has stinky they are. The Nats, Caps, 'Skins, Wiz, and United are my teams. When someone asks me a question about one of them, I say "We" like I am a part of the team. I have cried when they have lost and have cried when they have won. They are not my life, but I want them a part of my life. Now, go tell my wife this is o.k. and not some weird thing. 

What the judges had to say:

Cindy Boren: Clearly, he’s dealing with a lot of stuff.