Although both sides explored other options, the deal ultimately got done with a little more than a month to go before spring training camps are scheduled to open.

A spokesman said officials at MLB, which joined a number of major corporations in announcing such a pause, will "review review of our political contribution policy going forward.”

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The Chicago White Sox’ signing of free agent reliever Liam Hendriks was the latest reminder that a slow market is not the same thing as a depressed market.

Nationals avoid arbitration with Juan Soto, Trea Turner and Josh Bell

The Nationals found a common salary ground with Josh Bell. The status of Trea Turner and Juan Soto remained uncertain.

Nationals sign 16-year-old Dominican shortstop Armando Cruz to $3.9 million bonus

Cruz’s bonus is the highest Washington has given to an international prospect, tying what shortstop Yasel Antuna earned in 2016.

The Nationals’ bullpen doesn’t need a makeover. But it could use another arm or two.

The Nationals’ bullpen returns Daniel Hudson, Will Harris and Tanner Rainey, among others, from 2020.

The Hall of Fame baseball manager made his players feel “like you could run through a brick wall.”

  • Matt Crossman
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What the trade says about baseball as an industry is open for debate. But what it says about the goals of the Mets and Indians is clear.

The Negro Leagues were about stories, not stats. A Kansas City museum says those stories are more important now than ever.

Bianca Smith set to become a minor league coach for the Red Sox, the first Black woman to hold such a job in MLB history.

Robbie Tolan has baseball in his genes and a cop's bullet lodged in his liver, the result of a fateful incident in his own driveway in the early-morning hours of New Year's Eve 2009. Nothing has been the same since for the former Nationals farmhand.

With his dancing, baffling knuckleball, Mr. Niekro won 318 games and pitched until he was 48.

“Seeing someone who looks like me at such a high level, doing something that I want to do, is awesome,” Maggie Heaphy said. “I mean, that’s like the dream right there.”

The Paige tragedy is that, by his excellence, he proved that 50 years worth of Black players had been wronged more severely than White America ever suspected.

All baseball statistics require some context to understand. At least now we're getting a fuller picture.

In a monumental change for the sport, Major League Baseball announced it was elevating the 1920-48 Negro Leagues to major league status, a move that not only seeks to right a cosmic wrong that has shadowed the game for a century but also forces a wholesale recalibration of its record book.

The move to recognize the Negro Leagues rights a wrong, and that’s well and good. The more important question: Now what?

Changing the Cleveland Indians' name isn't about cancel culture or political correctness. It's about respect.

It can only be seen as a bad sign for the sport that the biggest stories of this winter have been managerial hires.

In some towns, minor league baseball “means everything,” and life won't be the same without it.

Under the new system, each big league franchise will have four affiliates.

After enduing racial taunts early in his career, he won the American League’s MVP award in 1972.

The emerging free agent market for Trevor Bauer is perhaps the sport’s most fascinating story line.

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The Miami Marlins have agreed to contract terms with all of their arbitration-eligible players, including third baseman Brian Anderson for $3.8 million

  • Steven Wine | AP
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  • 1 hour ago
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Slick-fielding third baseman Matt Chapman reached agreement on a $6.49 million, one-year contract with the Oakland Athletics to avoid arbitration, and the club also secured deals with its five other arbitration-eligible players

  • Janie McCauley | AP
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  • 1 hour ago
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NL batting champion Juan Soto, shortstop Trea Turner and first baseman Josh Bell have agreed to 2021 contracts for substantial raises with the Washington Nationals

  • Howard Fendrich | AP
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Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant, Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager were among 112 players who agreed to one-year contracts ahead of the deadline to exchange proposed arbitration salaries with their teams

  • Ronald Blum | AP
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The Boston Red Sox have agreed to a one-year, $4,575,000 deal to avoid salary arbitration with third baseman Rafael Devers

  • Kyle Hightower | AP
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