President Biden salutes Braves’ ‘unstoppable, joyful’ run to 2021 World Series

President Biden welcomed the Braves to the White House on Monday to celebrate their 2021 World Series title.

By Matt BonesteelSeptember 26, 2022

Cardinals’ Albert Pujols slugs his way into MLB’s 700 home run club

Pujols didn’t need 700 homers to be a sure-fire Hall of Famer, though he is in the smallest of upper echelons now.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 23, 2022

Aaron Judge is chasing real history, not Barry Bonds’s phony version

When Aaron Judge hits his 62nd homer of the season, he will become baseball's single-season home run king. Period.

By John FeinsteinSeptember 22, 2022

The San Diego Padres have yet to see the best of Juan Soto

Until a few days ago, Soto was hitting so poorly that questions about what the Padres got in exchange for the biggest prospect haul anyone can remember seemed almost reasonable.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 21, 2022

How Albert Pujols pulled himself to the cusp of 700

Albert Pujols, the 42-year-old slugger who retuned to the St. Louis Cardinals this season, enters Saturday two homers away from 700.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 17, 2022

The Nationals and their fans know the bottom. This isn’t it.

Despite 100 losses and counting, Washington doesn’t seem as hopeless as it was in the dreary days of 2008.

By Barry SvrlugaSeptember 28, 2022

Paolo Espino’s reliability endures, but Nats’ pitcher remains winless

Espino has been reliable this season, but he is 0-8 and 4⅔ innings away from setting the record for most in a season without a win

By Jesse DoughertySeptember 27, 2022

Sean Doolittle is hoping for a ‘do-over’ with the Nationals

Doolittle is tentatively scheduled to start throwing in the third week of October, slightly ahead of when he would in a normal offseason.

By Jesse DoughertySeptember 27, 2022

MLB’s new postseason format, explained

For the first time since 2012, Major League Baseball will have a new playoff format.

By Matt BonesteelSeptember 15, 2022

For the first time in history, minor league baseball players have a union

What comes next remains to be seen, but the obvious consequence of the sudden unionization effort will be collective bargaining.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 14, 2022

As Aaron Judge homers into history, depth will define Yankees season

As much as Aaron Judge’s historical home run pace and Ruthian heroics have defined this Yankees season, so too has the fear that he will not be enough.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 13, 2022

Ex-MLB player turned police officer dies in car crash en route to 9/11 event

Anthony Varvaro, a former major league pitcher who became a policeman in New York, died Sunday in a car crash on his way to work at a 9/11 memorial event.

By Des BielerSeptember 12, 2022

The best comp for Aaron Judge’s historic season? Babe Ruth.

Could Aaron Judge become a new home run king? In one way, he already is.

By Barry SvrlugaSeptember 10, 2022

MLB officially approves pitch clock, ban on shifts, bigger bases

The players, generally, were not in favor of the rules, but MLB pushed them through anyway.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 9, 2022

In the NL East, a September storm brews ahead of the postseason

The reality of the NL East looks far different from one angle to the next.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 9, 2022

MLB poised to add pitch clock, ban infield shifts starting next season

In a bid to speed up the game and make it more exciting, MLB is also expected to make the bases bigger to increase stealing.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 8, 2022

Tony Clark: ‘Right players, right time, right climate’ for minor league union

The MLBPA executive director said he hopes minor leaguers are unionized before spring training.

By Barry SvrlugaSeptember 7, 2022

Doug Gottlieb retracts comments about Freddie Freeman, former agent

Doug Gottlieb's apology came after he accused Freddie Freeman's former agent of withholding information from his then-client.

By Glynn A. HillSeptember 7, 2022

Minor league baseball players take the next step toward unionization

That minor leaguers would unionize never seemed imminent. That the MLBPA would serve as the organizing force behind their unionization was never obvious.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 6, 2022

Albert Pujols has defied age — and the specter of Willie Mays in twilight

After a celebrated homecoming, Willie Mays’s final season is remembered as a disappointment. Albert Pujols’s has been a revelation.

By Frederic J. FrommerSeptember 5, 2022

MLB is overdue for a female umpire. One may be on the way.

Jen Pawol, who is a three-person Class AA crew, is one of just a handful of women to have ever umpired in the minor leagues.

By Chelsea JanesSeptember 2, 2022

MLB players union begins unprecedented push to unionize minor leaguers

The move represents a swift and stunning departure from the union’s posture toward minor leaguers to date — a posture best described as supportive but hands-off.

By Chelsea JanesAugust 29, 2022

Mickey Mantle card sells for record $12.6 million at auction

The 1952 mint-condition card is the latest bit of sports memorabilia to set a record in a sizzling market.

By Cindy BorenAugust 28, 2022