The NBA superstar said on Twitter that he would be "irate" if he learned that opponents cheated him out of winning a championship.

“It’s sad for baseball." "They stole the ring from us." "They’re messing with people’s careers.”

Huff has been outspoken on social media about President Trump, Iranian women and the team's hiring of a female coach.

Why World Series hero Juan Soto says he just wants to make the Nationals

Juan Soto was taught at 15 years old that there is someone always coming for his spot.

Inspired by Nats’ World Series run, couple names daughter with Down syndrome Natalie

Tom and Lisa Sileo received a surprise gift package from the team earlier this month.

All of the Nationals have arrived at spring training, and so has the post-World Series glow

Position players reported to West Palm Beach on Monday, and reminders of their success were everywhere.

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A commissioner’s most crucial role is dealing with a sport in crisis, and MLB has been let down at every turn.

Monday brought theatrics from the former MVP.

As baseball's sign-stealing saga wears on, opponents are outwardly angry enough that Houston Manager Dusty Baker made a preemptive plea to MLB to protect his players.

How much longer can enmity toward Houston last? A while, it seems.

How and when did the Astros start stealing signs, how were they caught, how they've responded, and everything else you need to know.

As the Astros faced the music as a group, players around the league criticized the response of owner Jim Crane and his players.

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'Sorry' isn't the hardest word for the Astros, but lots of other appropriate ones appeared to be.

The Astros are relying on new GM James Click, a former baseball writer whose never helmed a front office, to lead them out of the sign-stealing saga.

As the Astros spent Thursday addressing their sign-stealing scandal, there were glaring limits to the apologies offered.

Two Astros players expressed shame for the sign-stealing scandal and team owner Jim Crane promised greater control.

Expanding the postseason field from five to seven teams could redefine what a playoff team looks like.

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After a feel-good winter in Washington, players will share a facility with a Houston franchise embroiled in scandal.

Many of MLB's new rules are designed to speed up the pace of play — a longtime pet cause of Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Beltrán was the only then-player for the 2017 Houston Astros named in a damning report by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, and a new media report suggests he was the driving force behind the illegal scheme that continues to rock the baseball world.

Roenicke, 63, was Alex Cora’s bench coach in 2018 and 2019.

“Everybody knew it”: Suspicions about the Astros went back years in MLB circles.

“I'm remorseful for everything that happened in 2017, for everything that we did as a group,” the 30-year-old utility player told reporters.

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Major league players could be punished for future sign-stealing violations in the wake of the Houston Astros’ scandal that only resulted in discipline for managers, coaches and executives

  • Jake Seiner | AP
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Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred’s stern warning against the intentional beaning of Houston players in the wake of the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal hasn’t stopped an offshore sports book from publishing odds on a variety of bets related to possible plunkings

  • Kristie Rieken | AP
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The Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants are pushing ahead with pay raises for minor league players this season, days after Major League Baseball mandated salary bumps beginning in 2021

  • Jake Seiner | AP
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Colorado Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich says there’s no rush for him to clear the air with apparently disgruntled third baseman Nolan Arenado

  • Greg Beacham | AP
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Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio claims his team “had an operating loss” in 2019 but that isn’t why the club’s projected payroll has dropped nearly $30 million

  • Andrew Wagner | AP
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