The Baltimore Orioles own the majority stake in the regional sports network.

Hudson's wife and three young girls will spend most of this season in Phoenix, where they live year-round.

Fedde has a better chance at a spot in the rotation after Ross opted out of the 2020 season because of coronavirus concerns.

Suero and Elías are two of the eight Nationals who have yet to begin summer training.

Opening Day is less than two weeks away, and the Nats are still adjusting to baseball’s new normal.

Once games begin, the emptiness of ballparks could define baseball’s pandemic season. The absence of fans changes everything.

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The Nationals GM is managing his team through a global pandemic and is coming off a World Series title. Still, his job security doesn't extend beyond Oct. 31.

Six Nationals players are in isolation after taking an MLB-chartered flight from the Dominican Republic to Miami.

Players will not be allowed to spit or touch their faces in 2020. Wearing a mask in training could help them remember that.

The Nationals held a full-team workout just a day shutting down amid testing concerns.

Major League Baseball unveiled its schedule on the same day three teams canceled workouts because of coronavirus testing lags.

The Nationals held three days of workouts before canceling all activities Monday because of a concern over delayed testing results.

The Nationals had two players test positive for the coronavirus, and their closer expressed skepticism about baseball's return plan.

“I just wish we were playing baseball today, July Fourth,” Max Scherzer said Saturday. “I think that was possible. The fact that we weren’t, that was a failure on a lot of different levels."

Washington began summer training Friday, and the club's manager and general manager shared their thoughts on what is ahead.

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The players are back at Nationals Park, but that doesn't mean we're back to normal.

Baseball's attempt to return begins right as the Bundesliga, Germany's top-tier soccer league, is finishing up.

Small-group workouts are expected to begin Friday at Nationals Park.

Resumption of modified spring training is scheduled to begin Wednesday at Nationals Park.

On Instagram, Desmond wrote about systemic racism and a lack of inclusion in baseball.

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