The agent has refined his Bryce Harper pitch. And he thinks everyone is aiming too low.

Each of the Nationals' representatives in the Arizona Fall League is carefully chosen.

The veteran first baseman is entering a sentimental season after playing the fewest games of his career.

Martinez said he hoped his staff would return after a disappointing season. He got his wish.

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Alex Cora and Dave Roberts had excellent seasons in the dugout, but more than ever, front offices control all aspects of teams.

The former Nationals reliever admitted he did not meet expectations in Washington this season but said tweaks that the Dodgers suggested have him back on track.

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Washington could take seeming shortcomings and turn them into a strength.

The third baseman has always flown under the national radar, but has been, arguably, the Nationals' most valuable player for the last few years.

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The veteran outfielder is one of many players whose Nationals future likely depends on Harper's decision.

Not Juan Soto, though. The Rookie of the Year candidate will be playing with a team of Major League Baseball stars on a tour of Japan next month, so he is sitting out winter ball.

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Washington could decide to upgrade by acquiring two catchers this winter, or by committing to one reliable starter. Either way, Wieters’s tenure as the Nationals' starting catcher seems to have come to an end.

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On payroll, the competitive balance tax and why the Nationals might not have quite as much budgetary wiggle room as it seems.

The former Nationals pitcher gets a prime assignment: facing the Dodgers in Milwaukee on Friday night.

The Nationals sent international slot money to the Marlins in exchange for the reliever.

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What do the numbers say about the veteran pitching coach's effect on this Nationals staff?

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In his weekly online chat with readers, Sports columnist Thomas Boswell weighed the merits of the Mets' and Nationals' aces.

The hitting coach came to the Nationals billed as one of the top hitting coaches in the game. What changed in year one?

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This team, as a whole, seems to subscribe to a theory: Either you win or you don’t win. You play how you play, and sometimes it works.

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This year, perhaps more than any other, the Lerners had as much to do with fostering the expectations piled on this team as the frustration when the roster did not meet them.

Mike Rizzo's right-hand man will not be back in 2019.

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