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The Nationals' ace, a prominent union leader, has voiced his opinions on MLB's newest proposal to restart baseball. The timing and tone are no accident.

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No one wanted or imagined an 82-game campaign, but the defending champs may be perfectly suited for it.

Pay cuts and a reduction in hours will run through the end of the annual contract for members of the baseball operations and business staffs.

Kendrick joined a Zoom call with Ryan Zimmerman and several other teammates after the Nats unveiled the design of their World Series rings.

Players will receive their rings at a later date, but the design was unveiled Sunday.

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The more you look — and we've got nothing but time — the more unlikely and remarkable it gets.

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Judging the Nationals skipper on three hours a day was wrong. The other 21 mattered more.

A two-part program produced by the team about the Nats' 2019 playoff run will also premiere this weekend.

Martinez had the masks, which are available from BreakingT, sent to all of his players.

The radio silence from the World Series champions regarding their updated ticket policy had left single-game ticket holders and plan holders frustrated.

Thames also reflected on his time in South Korea, where he played for three seasons.

When the tradition started, Doolittle worried a postgame conga line was too much “for a one-run win in June.”

The former NC Dinos star joined ESPN's broadcast Tuesday during a rain delay.

Two new puppies and farm work are keeping Martinez occupied amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Fauci, a Nationals fan, said any form of baseball this summer would be good for the country's mental health.

The Nationals joined a majority of the league in giving their staff financial assurance through the end of next month.

Last week's call helped raise money for Zimmerman's "Pros for Heroes" coronavirus relief fund, which eclipsed $300,000 over the weekend.

Major League Baseball is allowing teams to make their own decisions on non-playing workers.

Brian Dozier showed up shirtless to dunk on the Astros. Ryan Zimmerman was hilarious as the host.

Baseball has been on pause since mid-March, when MLB canceled the rest of spring training and announced a delay of the regular season.

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