Barkley said that Williamson "doesn’t look fat at all" but "can’t play at that weight, it’s too much stress on his knees."

Riquna Williams of the Los Angeles Sparks was arrested in April on charges related to an alleged incident at the Florida home of an ex-girlfriend.

Rosas hopes to "present a different face for immigrants" as he strives to turn the Minnesota Timberwolves into a winner.

Wizards planning to reshuffle their coaching staff

Washington is in the preliminary stages of a shift that would promote Jarell Christian to a Wizards assistant coach and have Ryan Richman take over the head coaching duties with the G League's Capital City Go-Go.

Bradley Beal can sign an extension with the Wizards soon. If he doesn’t, beware.

If Beal passes on an extension, it will force Washington into the same conundrum that other teams have faced recently, which has led to a reshaped NBA.

Wizards sign second-rounder Admiral Schofield to a three-year deal

Schofield has averaged eight points in four games played in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

More than a quarter of the NBA's teams now employ a female coach, but for the women doing the work, they're tired of being viewed as a novelty.

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Williamson still needs to get in shape, a scout said, and other observations from Las Vegas.

The No. 1 draft pick has been on "this circuit of awards" and isn't "in the playing shape or the mental shape" to compete yet, said Williamson's former coach at Duke.

Authorities in Connecticut found Ed Waters Jr., dead on Thursday. He was 49 years old.

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After months of uncertainty and an incredibly costly courtship, the Los Angeles Lakers officially introduced all-star forward Anthony Davis.

Nike reportedly says production issues and the subsequent financial hit won't allow James's new Lakers teammate to wear the jersey until the 2020-2021 season.

“Russ will always be ours,” David Holt said.

Allen, who plays for Memphis, was called for two flagrant fouls Thursday against Boston’s Grant Williams.

Fans of Brooklyn and L.A.’s “other” team have long felt second class in their own cities. Now they’re the cool kids.

San Antonio traded away a rotation player to create enough salary-cap space to add Morris, but he chose a shorter, more lucrative contract with New York.

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By sending Chris Paul to Oklahoma City, Houston reunited a pair of all-star guards who both love to have the ball in their hands.

Oklahoma City, which traded away Paul George last week, now has a massive haul of draft picks with which to rebuild while Houston takes another big swing at the NBA Finals.

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Despite L.A.’s impressive offseason overhaul, rivals and league observers have concerns about their health, interior size and readiness.

James Ennis III will likely need some of his better-known teammates to back up his words in a conference that still has Gianis Antetokounmpo's Bucks.

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Early trade demands give star players even more leverage, and teams could struggle to maintain stability.

The commissioner said the frenzied start to free agency revealed that the league needs to change its rules to ensure a fair playing field.

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James has often served as the de facto floor general for his team since entering the league in 2003.

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