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People gather near the National Stadium to watch the fireworks launched during the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on Aug. 8. (AP)
The International Olympic Committee will walk away with its broadcast revenue intact. The Japanese taxpayers will be left footing a multibillion-dollar bill without having been invited to the party.
The Olympics are a prize to China. Take it away.
Gymnast will go from winning a gold medal in Tokyo to a dorm room at Auburn.
USA Boxing caps successful Olympics despite two fighters losing decisions in the finals.
After the United States beat Japan, 90-75, the U.S. women’s coach announced she is stepping down.
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The problem for the U.S. 4x100 men's relay team: Handoffs, handoffs, handoffs. Here's why passing a baton is so hard.
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How winning trained these Olympians to face the unexpected.
(Maja Hitij/Getty Images)
The 1964 Tokyo Olympics was an emotional celebration of Japan's triumphant post-war return to the global stage. This year, the postponed Tokyo Olympics looks and feels nothing like those Games — or any other Olympics of the past.
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Get to know Simone Biles, Christen Press and other U.S. athletes who will star at the Tokyo Olympics.