Tiger Woods has played four tournaments at Congressional Country Club, winning twice. Thursday, he’ll tee it up in the first round of the Quicken Loans National fully understanding the parts of the course he enjoys – and those he doesn’t. He sat down this week and outlined some of the Blue Course’s most pivotal spots.

Most challenging hole: No. 11, 489 yards, par 4

“I think in years past the hardest hole would be No. 11, but they’ve opened it up now. You used to have two bunkers down the right-hand side [which were removed prior to the 2011 U.S. Open]. That was always one of the hardest holes. We played it from the back tee, 500-plus yards par 4 to a green that’s meant to be a wedge in – and it’s got a spine in the middle and a ridge in the back. You come in there with 3-irons and 4-irons and hybrids, that’s a hard hole.”

Least favorite hole: No. 10, 218 yards, par 3

“Maybe 10 starting the day, if it was a cool morning, hitting from the back tee it’s about a 4-iron. You never know, you can get early in the morning where it’s in the 60s, and you got that left pin. Trying to hit a 4-iron into that tight pin, and you have to be that precise, and the temperature’s on the cool side, that’s a pretty daunting task. But if it’s warm like this, it’s not as bad because the ball will fly. It’s going to go a long way.”

Most difficult tee shot: No. 18, 523 yards, par 4

“I think 18 is a tough tee shot, considering the importance of it. You can’t really see the landing area. You have more room left than you think, and you run out of room quickly up that right side. Most of the years that we’ve played here, I’ve rarely, rarely had it blowing off the right. The wind is always blowing off the left, and you have to either draw it or start the ball on the right side and know that’s the correct line. And then if you lose it on the wind at all, you’re in the gallery or in the tent and the trees. You end up there quickly. But in past years, I’ve seen guys hit 3-woods from the up tee. But now, from the back tee it’s 520 or 530 or something. It’s ridiculous. If you’re going to get it down there, you’ve got to hit driver. And you’ve got to get it down there, because that green, the shorter the club in the better off you are. You want to be coming in with some spin.”

“I also like the hole, because it’s such a great fan-viewing area. You get 10 and 18, some pretty substantial holes.”

Most difficult green complex: No. 6, 555 yards, par 5

“I’d say 6, especially if it’s a par 4 [which it has been in the past]. Again, like 11, it’s not meant to be received with a hybrid or 3-iron in there. Even as a par 5, that’s a small little area you got to hit to. You’ve got that bunker on the left and the water juts out just a little bit on the right. Any pin on that right side, it’s impossible. You can’t go at it. Any pin over that bunker in that little bowl, you can’t go at that either. Even if you lay it up, you have to hit up the left side to that left pin, you have a tree there. You’ll drop down in the bunker or in the rough.”