PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem, left, congratulates Tiger Woods after Woods won the Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament. (Phil Long/AP)

PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem denied reports that the PGA Tour is making an offer to purchase the European Tour.

“Certain news reports today have indicated that the PGA Tour has made an offer to acquire the European Tour,” he said in a statement. “Those reports are inaccurate.


Finchem, however, added that a world tour would be good for the sport.

“I have stated publicly on several occasions, the integration of professional golf can create additional value for our players, sponsors and fans.

“Such integration has been ongoing since 1994, with the founding of the International Federation of PGA Tours, and has led to the establishment of the World Golf Championships in 1999 as well as the World Cup as a Federation-sanctioned event.

“More recently, all the major golf bodies around the world worked together to bring golf back to the Olympic Games.”


Keith Waters, the chief operating officer of the European Tour, also rejected the claim that it was being acquired by the PGA Tour.

“The notion that the U.S. PGA Tour is somehow bidding to buy the European Tour is incorrect,” Waters said.

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British publications The Telegaph and The Daily Mail both reported Tuesday that PGA made a bid for its European counterpart.

The PGA Tour has made an audacious bid to take over the European Tour as concerns grow among the professionals over the lack of playing and financial opportunities on the circuit which is supposedly a rival to its US equivalent.

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The reports focused on the financial struggles of the European Tour, and the prize money gap between the two Tours.

A decade or so ago, there wasn’t much difference between the two big tours. Now it can be summed up by how much the 100th ranked player on each tour has made so far this year.

In Europe, Richard Bland has earned [$271,775] before expenses, which is clearly not chicken feed. But it hardly compares with the [$1,009,450] claimed by Martin Kaymer, and explains why so many Europeans, like the German, are drifting Stateside.

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