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With a bye into the divisional round, the Redskins first faced the Atlanta Falcons at home. They had defeated the Falcons, 56-17, in Week 11 of the regular season.

Jacoby: It was a cold, dreary, nasty kind of day. The perfect RFK day.

Raleigh McKenzie, offensive guard: The big thing that week was saying these guys are not going to do the dancing and all the antics they were doing that year. We couldn’t let it happen at RFK.

Coleman: They had very good talent, Deion Sanders was there. One of the motivators that helped us win that game was they brought M.C. Hammer — he was on the sideline. [Boxer Evander] Holyfield was on the sideline. [Jerry] Glanville, of course, with this Elvis look. It was one of those things where you were afraid and yet couldn’t wait to get them.

Lachey: That wasn’t our style. We weren’t like that. We were a bunch of dirtballs, as we liked to say, that went out there and had fun and played football and tried to do everything the right way. We didn’t have much sizzle.

The Redskins had no problems beating Atlanta, 24-7. Late in the game, when victory was ensured, the fans at RFK celebrated by hurling yellow seat cushions toward the field.

Ervins: Once one came out, it was like rain.

Coleman: One of the best feelings I ever had as a Redskin.

McKenzie: When I saw it, I thought, “This is it, this is it — I think we’re going to go to the show.” … We just felt so good about not just winning for ourselves but having the fans coming into the stadium, how fired up they was and wishing us well. It added a lot of pressure on us, but that’s what we played for, man. Seeing those seat cushions, we knew we made another big step.

The NFC title game on Jan. 12, 1992, wasn’t close, either. Though Lions running back Barry Sanders was back in the lineup, Detroit still fell to the Redskins, 41-10.

Collins: They were definitely a different team with Barry on the field. We watched a lot of film. One thing that stood out about Barry, you just couldn’t tackle him.

Lachey: I just remember going out, we had plenty of protection, we were able to hit big plays. … When you get up 14, 17 points in the NFL, everything in the playbook looks good. We had a good game plan, Coach Gibbs called a great game and we went out and executed and that was it. It was a great game to end at RFK with an NFC championship and with a win. 

The Redskins won their two playoff games by a combined 48 points.

Lachey: Now we had reached all of our goals except one.