The Washington Post chronicles Robert Griffin III’s first season: his adjustment to the NFL, his cultural assimilation into the nation’s capital and his emergence as a locker room leader.

Part I

(Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Becoming a Redskin: RGIII’s journey

From Texas to Washington, from regional hero to national pitchman, from college student to multimillionaire, from the face of a small private university to that of one of the most valuable franchises in U.S. pro sports.

Part II

RGIII to debut in ‘true home town’

Redskins rookie quarterback’s family hails from New Orleans, where he spent formative time as a youth.


Part III

Redskins fans try to catch a glimpse of RGIII. (Jonathan Newton/Post)

Is Robert Griffin III ‘The One’?

The quarterback’s life has not been defined by race, yet he can’t escape the special meaning he has for many African Americans in Washington.

Part IV

Deep in the hearts of Texans

FACE OF THE FRANCHISE | Robert Griffin III receives a hero’s welcome as he guides the Redskins to a win and cheers on his alma mater to victory, as well.

(Jonathan Newton / THE WASHINGTON POST)

Grading Robert Griffin III

Each week, let us know how the heralded rookie will play and then grade his performance.

COPPERAS COVE TX, APRIL 16:  Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III  is shown in his home town  Copperas Cove TX April 16, 2012 (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Full coverage of Robert Griffin III

A living archive of everything the Washington Post has published on Robert Griffin III — blog posts, articles, columns, photos and video.