Redskins lose their third assistant coach of the offseason.

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Rank-and-file Democrats rejected the president’s invitation to talks at the White House, remaining unified in opposition to a border wall.

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Working for the Redskins, as Greg Manusky is finding, can sometimes feel like ‘Hail’ on Earth.

J.D. Gibbs was warmly regarded throughout NASCAR, where he was instrumental in expanding a family-run team to a competitive force. He suffered from a degenerative neurological disease.

Allen has been the focus of fans' unhappiness, but a team spokesman said there was never any doubt that he would remain with the franchise.

Every NFL GM has taken questions in a news conference setting at least once since Bruce Allen last did.

Jay Gruden is still evaluating his assistants and considering changes to his 2019 coaching staff.

Brundige, a Redskins stalwart for eight seasons, also starred in one of the most bizarre plays in Super Bowl history.

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Matt LaFleur is set to join his former Redskins colleagues Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan in the head coaching ranks.

Since 2002, the Redskins have seen above-average quarterback play, as measured by passer rating, eight times in 16 seasons.

Washington's head coach has compiled a 35-44-1 record in five seasons.

In her Jan. 2 Sports column, “Free land or public money — for Snyder? Pure madness.,” Sally Jenkins laid out the case for why dealing with Daniel Snyder out in the open or behind closed doors (like...

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A Virginia Republican wants to the state to team up with neighbors to swear off sweetheart deals.

“It's a mess, but it's my mess,” a local teacher said of the Redskins jerseys he's purchased over the past 14 years.

Redskins fans are making their voices heard on social media.

The former 49ers linebacker had been arrested and charged in late November. He will have to be cleared by the NFL before he can return to the field.

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