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This team has driven away fans for years. Finding the right site for their next home is potentially the first step back.

(John McDonnell / The Washington Post)

Anderson and Bergstrom didn’t play last week and Reed suffered an injury during Sunday's game against the Giants.

It's hard to root for the home team when you kind of sort of want the home team to lose.

In a letter to the NFL team, they say their reasoning goes beyond football.

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With three games yet to play, why do so many Washington players seem ready to be done?

Smith's injury placed tremendous pressure on Washington's defense, and the unit has not responded.

Josh Johnson makes his first start since 2011 as the Redskins try desperately to remain in playoff contention in Jacksonville.

And whether Washington’s football team should return can be hashed out later.

The linebacker and captain said in a statement that his cousin had been posting from his Instagram account.

Several other Washington players are dealing with injuries ahead of Sunday's game at Jacksonville.

The Redskins newest quarterback does not see fazed by his latest challenge -- trying to lead a struggling team to an unlikely playoff spot.

Another D.C. Council member and an influential House Democrat raise objections to proposal to return to RFK site

After a private social media message of Foster's went public Wednesday, several Redskins said they understood his frustration.

The offensive line already had been decimated, with three guards placed on injured reserve.

The Redskins' rookie running back was lost for the year on Aug. 9 to a torn ACL. But even after some setbacks in his recovery, he says hopes to be back for team OTAs next summer.

The Dec. 9 news article “United effort for new stadium” stated that the “controversy over the team’s name has subsided.” That same day, Rebrand Washington Football, a grass-roots group of fans, an...

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