It’s Dallas Week, and you know what that means. Paging Dr. Andrews. Dr. James Andrews! Please report to Cowboys Stadium by Monday night. Bring tape, gauze and scrub nurses.

Monday night’s Redskins-Cowboys game already has the feel of a very special episode of “The Walking Dead.” Even the trash talk this week has taken on a different tone:

Cowboys fan: “We’ve got hammies, yes we do, we’ve got hammies, how ’bout you?”

Redskins fan: “We’ve got hammies, yes we do, we’ve got hammies, how ’bout you?”

Cowboys fan: “Ouch! I just pulled an oblique muscle trying to get out of my recliner!”

The Cowboys probably will win the “Most Injured” award, especially if Redskins safety LaRon Landry is able to make his season debut in Dallas. That’s good news for Washington, especially because Dallas quarterback Tony Romo suffered a broken rib and punctured lung in Week 2 — and still played.

Romo hasn’t been ruled out for Monday night, which is either really impressive or really stupid. The quarterback is hardly alone on the Cowboys’ injury list. Wide receiver Miles Austinhas a hamstring injury; Felix Jones separated a shoulder; and center Phil Costainjured a knee. That’s a lot of banged-up offense right there. Wide receiver Dez Bryant and guard Bill Nagy also were unable to play last Sunday.

In the good-news category for Dallas: Jones is expected to play, as is cornerback Terence Newman, who was out for the first two games.

Speaking of cornerbacks . . . the Redskins could use some. By the end of Sunday’s victory over Arizona, they had fewer corners than the Guggenheim.Josh Wilson suffered a lower back, head and neck injury, which was described as not being as serious as it originally appeared. You know who says things like that? Guys not named Josh Wilson. It’s never serious when it’s someone else laid out on the turf.

Cornerback Kevin Barnes and safety DeJon Gomes also went out Sunday because of injuries.

The Redskins turned to veteran Byron Westbrook, who more than made an impact with his fumble-causing, game-changing hit, and Brandyn Thompson, who they found holding a yardage marker.

Then there was poor Lorenzo Alexander, who came off the field after a special teams play looking like the largest Weeble in recorded history. Tight end Chris Cooley played, but his knee is clearly not completely healed. Backup linebacker Keyaron Fox was inactive.

Until Thursday, the only injury news either team’s fans will get will come from the players, via Twitter. Alexander has tweeted that he’s okay, and if it’s on Twitter, you know it’s true. The longer week delays bad news, but it also gives players an extra day to recover (although one extra day to heal a lung seems optimistic).

And of course, never underestimate the healing powers of Redskins vs. Cowboys. Laughter may be the best medicine, but intense dislike has its uses.