I’m not sure the Washington Redskins, coming off a bye, wanted the Eagles 1-4 and angry. Then again, the Skins are in the catbird seat, all alone atop the NFC East.

Let me repeat that: all alone atop the NFC East.

Strange, isn’t it? And it could be even better for the Skins. The Giants are a total mess. That leaves the Cowboys, and that game Washington coulda — shoulda — won in Dallas. At the time Redskins fans were merely annoyed, but that loss could loom large by the end of the season.

As for the Eagles, whatever magic Michael Vick had last season seems to be gone, and Philly is very generously giving away the football like the Gates Foundation gives away dough. One more bright spot: Sunday’s game should draw a better announcing crew than the Skins have seen lately.

With no Skins game to watch but plenty of everything else, from soup to nuts, hockey to NASCAR, it was a remote control-pounding weekend as I occupied my recliner like protesters occupied Wall Street. My thumbs are in little thumb splints, my thoughts are in bite-sized nuggets, and I had to replace one cable box (true story). Here’s what I learned:

Tim Tebow is Denver’s quarterback now, and John Fox will need a crowbar to get him out of the huddle and back on the bench. The Broncos have a bye this weekend, so Denver fans have two weeks to buy more billboards, hire sky-writers, get fresh tattoos and legally rename all their children “Tebow,” even the ones currently named “Tim.”

●The Packers are 5-0, they look like the best team in football and the “16-0” whispers are starting. Which makes Nov. 24 a big, big date, and not just because it’s Thanksgiving. The Packers and Lions (the only other unbeaten team entering Monday night’s game against the Bears) square off in the early game — the one traditionally reserved for cooking and occasionally sticking your head around the corner to check the score. Not this year: If you’re eating at my house, dinner is served, buffet-style, at 12:15, on TV trays. Nephew, you’ve been warned.

●I unhappily looked on while the Big 12 was picked apart by other conferences, and I’m now unhappily looking on while the Big 12 picks apart other conferences (stealing TCU from the Mountain West or the Big East, depending on your point of view). Just when I think college football can’t get more distasteful, I’m wrong.

●On the other hand, more than half of the AP top 25 is undefeated. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing (a few really great teams) or a bad thing (a lot of really bad teams), but if it makes life harder for the BCS, I’m all for it.

●I have nothing against Jimmie Johnson, but if he wins a sixth consecutive Sprint Cup championship, I’m not sure that will be great for NASCAR, which could use the buzz of a new champion.

●I used to help coach a Little League team in Detroit, back in the early ‘90s. I used to see a very large fellow several fields down, easily twice as tall as the kids, and I wondered if he was a parent. Nope. It was Prince Fielder, and his dad Cecil was busy at Tiger Stadium. To see that “kid” now in the NLCS is surreal. He’s grown a few inches and gained a few pounds but he still stands out of the field.

A hot dog? Really?