NFL Power Rankings

Mark Maske assesses the league’s top teams after Week 2.

1. Packers (2-0) The defense has yielded consecutive 400-yard-plus passing games to Drew Brees and Cam Newton. But as the defending champs, they deserve the top spot until someone beats them.

2. Patriots (2-0) Tom Brady has a ridiculous 940 passing yards in two games and the defense actually contributed some significant plays against the Chargers.

3. Jets (2-0) They’ve had the luxury of playing at home twice.

4. Saints (1-1) They’re the only NFC South team to outscore their opponents through two games.

5. Texans (2-0) The lopsided opening win over the Colts may have given them the self-assurance that they are a legitimate contender. They played like it in Week 2.

6. Falcons (1-1) The comeback against the Eagles saved them from an 0-2 start and questions about whether their season might have been in danger of unraveling.

7. Steelers (1-1) It was a nice bounce-back performance but the Seahawks didn’t provide much opposition.

8. Eagles (1-1) Things veered off course Sunday night in Atlanta when Michael Vick exited the game. Shouldn’t the reinforced defense, with all its high-profile additions, have been able to take over and hold a fourth-quarter lead?

9. Ravens (1-1) That was an inexplicably poor performance Sunday at Tennessee, just when it appeared they might be jockeying for position with the Patriots and Jets as the early AFC favorites.

10. Lions (2-0) They are sending early signals that they are for real, as long as Matthew Stafford stays healthy.

On the Cusp: Bills, Redskins, Buccaneers, Chargers, Bears