I’d love to see the Redskins draft RGIII. There is nothing but upside for the lucky team that gets Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. And there’s no question the Redskins need some upside, and a quarterback.

Why? Because their current quarterback says things like this: “You know, I’ve been on a lot of good teams in my career, and it’s hard to say this: We were a pretty damn good 5-11. You didn’t really want to play us.”

Rex Grossman has spunk. I hate spunk.

Don’t tell me it’s just confidence, that it’s great to have that kind of confidence, that you need that kind of confidence. I would point out that before last season, that pile of confidence predicted the Skins would win the NFC East; they finished last. Heck, even John Beck was no slouch in the “I Am the Wind Beneath My Wings” department. And the result was still 5-11.

And it was not a pretty damn good 5-11. A lot of it was a pretty damn unwatchable 5-11. (You know who could have rightly claimed a pretty damn good 5-11? The Colts, without Peyton Manning. Otherwise, no one.) And a lot of teams would relish 16 games against the Redskins on their schedule. Some college teams would have signed up to play the 2011 Redskins.

It’s also worrisome that some of the Redskins are bragging that they beat the Giants twice this season, and the Giants are now in the Super Bowl. It’s a fun fact, or maybe a funny fact, but that’s all it is. Sitting in a recliner next Sunday yapping about how you beat those guys while hoisting a bowl of seven-layer dip is not quite the same as winning the Super Bowl and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

The Redskins’ woes are not all on Grossman, not by a long shot. They have a lot of holes. They need a big play wide receiver in the worst way. And that is the start of our wish list:

1. Quarterback.

2. Big-play wide receiver.

We’ve barely scratched the surface. Offensive line, anyone?

That’s why RGIII — so tempting, so very, very tempting – is not the answer. Because the Redskins have taken that path before, trading away valuable draft picks for The One, their own Neo, the player who can finally see The Matrix — and beat it.

So while it’s not all on Grossman, the fact is, Grossman, bless his heart, thought the Redskins were a good 5-11. Therefore, the Redskins must have a new quarterback next season.

Whether it’s Matt Flynn, Matt Damon or Damon Wayans, the Skins have to come up with a quarterback without giving up crucial draft picks, or they will once again set themselves back in the rebuilding process. And 10 years from now, we’ll be marking the 30th anniversary of the last Redskins team to win the Super Bowl.