Scott Allen is one of the nine finalists in The Washington Post’s Greatest D.C. Sports Fan Contest. For Round 1, we asked our contestants to tell us what one thing they would change about one of D.C.’s professional sports teams. Read Scott’s response below, then tell us in the comments if you think he should be one of the six finalists to continue to the next round of competition.

Assuming time travel to the not-so-distant past is allowed for this exercise, I would like for the Redskins to go back to this year’s NFL draft and select a quarterback, any quarterback, with one of their 11 non-first-round picks. If I could change one thing about one of the local pro teams, it would be the collection of quarterbacks – all two of them – on the Redskins’ active roster.

Mike Shanahan and the Redskins brass received mixed reviews for their 2011 draft haul, but many fans, myself included, were elated that the team passed on Blaine Gabbert at No. 10, traded down to draft Ryan Kerrigan and acquire more picks, and addressed some serious needs along the defensive line. It was refreshing and so, well, un-Redskins-like.

Kerrigan looks as if he could be a staple of the Washington defense for years to come, Jarvis Jenkins was productive before tearing his ACL in the preseason, and Roy Helu and Niles Paul have impressed at times. That said, the two-headed monstrosity that is Rex Grossman and John Beck has been practically unwatchable. The duo upon which Shanahan staked his reputation has no upside and there’s no rookie holding a clipboard to whom he can now turn. The backup quarterback is often the most popular guy in town; in Washington, he’s the lesser of two ineffective evils.

The front office recognized that this team was more than a quarterback away from competing for a championship and approached the draft and free agency accordingly. The team now looks foolish for not taking a flier on a quarterback in the later rounds of the draft.

Would the Redskins be better this season with Ricky Stanzi or Tyrod Taylor taking snaps? They wouldn’t be worse. Either one of those players would offer fans a reason to watch and a reason to hope. Of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league based on passer rating, four were drafted in the third round or later and a fifth was undrafted, so maybe Washington would’ve caught lightning in a bottle. Of course, that would be very un-Redskins-like too.

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