Rooting Interests: Who are D.C. fans?

The Post set out to answer the question fans often ask: What kind of sports town do we live in?


A city of sports fans unlike any other

PART ONE: A Washington Post poll finds D.C. residents care more about sports than the national average, but many don’t cheer for the city’s teams.

Black fans have grown to love the Redskins

PART TWO | The deep relationship between the Washington area’s black sports fans and the Redskins is supported by a new Washington Post poll.

A home-court disadvantage

PART THREE | After plenty of disappointing seasons, less than half of D.C.-area sports fans have a favorable view of the Washington Wizards.

Greatest sports figure in D.C. history

Washington sports fans surveyed by The Post choose Joe Gibbs, followed closely by John Riggins. Who would you name?

Racial breakdown for D.C. area sports fans

GRAPHIC: D.C.’s white fans are favorable toward the hockey and baseball teams, while the basketball and football teams fare better among African Americans.

Post Sports Live: Race and the Redskins

VIDEO: The Post Sports Live cast discusses the African American community's strong loyalty to the Washington Redskins.

D.C. sports fans: Hopeful but not gullible

COLUMN: In less than 10 years, major league baseball has moved to the District, as has one of the most exciting pro hockey players. And D.C. fans support the teams, to a point.

Washington: A power-play town

COLUMN | What does Joe Gibbs’s selection as the District’s top sports figure say about the town?

Defining D.C. sports fans

COLUMN | Even though the population of the Washington area turns over more than the Redskins’ roster, the fans possess a curious mix of optimism and pessimism.

Who is D.C.’s greatest fan?

Help us decide who has the best combination of spirit, local-sports knowledge and loyalty to their team(s).


What kind of fan are you?

Take the quiz to see which fan type you fit into: Megafan , Hometown fan , Social fan or Drive-by fan .

Black fans, white fans and the Redskins

A Post survey showed significant differences between black sports fans and white sports fans in the D.C. area.

Black fans embrace Redskins

PHOTOS: Over time, the football team’s sensitive racial history has been usurped among African Americans by feelings of civic pride and family.

Why is D.C. a mediocre sports town?

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog discusses his story on the nature of sports fans in the Washington, D.C. area.

D.C. celebrities & D.C. sports

PHOTOS: From presidents to media members and entertainers, local celebrities love their teams.

The agony and ecstasy of D.C. fans

PHOTOS: Sports loyalties mirror many of the traits of the region.

Complete poll results

All of the questions and a complete statistical breakdown of The Washington Post sports poll of D.C.-area residents.

What do you think of D.C. fans?

DISCUSSION: We’d like to hear what you think of Washington’s fans and teams, and what might make D.C. a better sports town.

‘We’re from here, we root for here’

VIDEO: D.C. area sports fans talk about why they will always root for the home team.

Poll: Strong feelings on Redskins, Snyder

Poll: Strong feelings on Redskins, Snyder

Just more than half of area sports fans say they view the team favorably, but more than a third have negative feelings.

D.C. sports fans and their favorite teams

There are a lot of people in Washington who cheer for the home team. There are also a lot of people who don’t.

Wolf Blitzer Q&A: ‘You need a winner’

CNN host Wolf Blitzer has been a Wizards season-ticket holder ever since he convinced Michael Jordan to come out of retirement — or so he says. He discusses being a fan.

Post readers discuss local fan culture

Post readers discuss local fan culture

We asked you to help us figure out what makes a good sports fan and asked for your opinions on what makes D.C. sports fans unique. Here’s what you had to say.

Your fandom on display

Your fandom on display

Area fans, show us your colors. Submit and view fan photos here.

Explaining the sport fan types

Explaining the sport fan types

GRAPHIC: A complete explanation of megafans, hometown fans, social fans and drive-by fans, from where they live to which sports they like most.


INTERACTIVE: A demographic portrait of the fans of D.C. sports teams

Wale Q&A: “I’m always rooting for my Wizards”

Rapper Wale discusses why he continues to support the Wizards, his friendship with John Wall and how he remains friends with LeBron James despite history with team.

Redskins gave black fans reasons to loathe them

Redskins gave black fans reasons to loathe them

ROOT D.C.: Fifty years after integrating, black residents are more loyal than white fans, partly because players became unwitting ambassadors.

What would make D.C. a better hockey town?

What would make D.C. a better hockey town?

We’d like to hear from Caps fans. What do you think of D.C.’s fans and its teams?