Gildan, which is mostly known for wholesale T-shirt sales, is using the Super Bowl to introduce itself as a retail brand. A teaser for Gildan’s Super Bowl XLVII ad explores how far a man will go for his favorite T-shirt. (Gildan)

The Baltimore Ravens decidedly beat the San Francisco Ravens in Super Bowl. But the verdict is still out on some of the advertisements that ran during Sunday night’s broadcast. Maura Judkis reviewed several of the spots in the Post’s liveblog last night:

Psy’s galloping pistachios

The product: Wonderful Pistachios
The premise: Pistachios! They are wonderful.
The punchline: It was inevitable that we’d see Psy this Super Bowl Sunday. Naturally, he’s doing his invisible horse dancewith some nuts that strip out of their shells.
The verdict: Gangnam Style. So 2012.

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Gildan’s gross guy

The product: Gildan t-shirts
The premise: After a crazy one-night stand involving fuzzy handcuffs, a dude tries to escape without waking the woman he hooked up with.
The punchline: … except she’s wearing his favorite t-shirt, and he needs to find a way to get it off of her.
The verdict: GAH. This one is bad. The notion that a guy needs to sneak away to escape a woman he slept with, and the implication that she is crazy or promiscuous because of the handcuffs…. No, Gildan, no.

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Kia’s fierce lady-robots

The product:Kia Forte
The premise: A sexy robot, played by former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella, is the guardian of a new Kia Forte.
The punchline:…So when a customer inspects the car, she throws him across the room.
The verdict: The whole commercial is a bit too much of an inside joke about “Booth babes” and pushy journalists at auto shows, as Edmundsexplains.

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Tracy Morgan talks about change

The product: Mio Fit
The premise: Great American Tracy Morgan expounds on the topic of change..
The punchline:…Not the political kind, but the kind that “change[s] man bands into boy bands” and chickens into nuggets. Oh, and sports drinks into Mio Fit.
The verdict:I miss “30 Rock” already.

Watch a complete playlist of Super Bowl ads here.

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