Tracy Tran is one of 10 finalists in The Washington Post’s D.C’s Greatest Sports Fan contest.

About me: I'm a recruiter/entrepreneur by day, D.C. Sports Fan by night. Sometimes the both do intersect :) 

Defining moment as a D.C. sports fan: June 8, 2010: The Strasburg debut. The day before, the Nats drafted Bryce Harper, a few weeks later, the Wizards got John Wall. It was the start of the D.C. Renaissance and it all started with Strasburg's debut, who brought an electrifying atmosphere I never seen in D.C. before from an athlete. This was the start that D.C. was becoming a sports town with the Redskins, the established Caps, the (still starting up) Wizards, a great soccer base, and the Nationals. Trivia: June 8 was also the debut of the People's Silver Elvis Wig (see picture). 

Unheralded local athlete: Chad Cordero. In D.C., there are a lot of stars. Cordero earned his star status in DC. He brought his hard hat every time he was called upon and contributed to the Nats surprising 81-81 record in 2005. With his signature hat, "The Chief" helped saved 47 games that season and established himself a fan favorite in D.C. and would of gone to bigger and better things if the Nats had a solid team and Bowden wasn't the GM at the time. Although he had a short career, Cordero will be remembered as the first true National. 

Why I should win: I have been a D.C. area native all my life and I grew watching these DC sports teams. I remember the Redskins from their heyday in the 1980s and early 90s. I saw the Caps being a consistent playoff contender, and Bullets/Wizards are...still the Bullets/Wizards. I breathe D.C. sports. I even have dating guidelines: First, you have to be Catholic, then you must love D.C. sports to get a date with me. If you don't think I'm one of the greatest D.C. sports fans, just check my blog ( and Twitter (@tracytran) account...or meet me in person. 

What the judges had to say:

Cindy Boren: He’s hugely interested in what happens in all D.C. sports.