Tracy Tran is one of the nine finalists in The Washington Post’s Greatest D.C. Sports Fan Contest. For Round 1, we asked our contestants to tell us what one thing they would change about one of D.C.’s professional sports teams. Read Tracy’s response below, then tell us in the comments if you think he should be one of the six finalists to continue to the next round of competition.


Redskins. Capitals. Nationals. Wizards. Mystics. These teams are all likely to stay in D.C. 

This cannot be said for D.C. United.

There has been a lot of talk about D.C. United relocating to Baltimore. This would be terrible for the D.C. community. D.C. United has a short, yet strong tradition here. They are the first MLS Cup champions, the first dynasty in MLS, won numerous U.S. club soccer championships, and are considered one of MLS’s elite franchises.

If D.C. United moves to Baltimore, they would lose the tradition that they built here in the last 15+ years.  They will lose the connection to the players who have contributed to this tradition; from Marco Etcheverry, Jaime Moreno, and Eddie Pope, to the current players such as Dwayne De Rosario, Andy Najar and Charlie Davies. Most importantly, they will lose most of their loyal fan base, especially the Screaming Eagles and La Barra Brava.

If this team goes to Baltimore, soccer fans in Washington will have to rely on the yearly European soccer exhibition game at FedEx Field for their pro soccer fix. Baltimore can try to re-create the soccer atmosphere, but it will never reach D.C’s level.

 If there is one thing I would wish for D.C. United, it would be for them to build a 20,000-seat soccer stadium at Buzzard Point, near Nationals Park. Someone — ownership, the DC Government, or someone out of good faith — needs to spend nearly $200 million to build the stadium. If they cannot get the stadium situation rectified, Abe Pollin will be rolling in his grave and tears of sorrow will fall upon United fans in D.C. Simply put, a new stadium brings stability to the team, creating new opportunities in the area, brings a packed crowd to the Navy Yard/Buzzard Point for soccer and baseball, and would allow United to develop their players with better facilities. This all will lead to another D.C. United dynasty.

Weigh In:  Tell us what you think of Tracy's argument in the comments. Our judges will choose six of the nine finalists to advance to Round 2 based on a combination or your comments and their opinions. Does Tracy deserve to advance? Why or why not?

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