Is LeBron's NBA Finals performance the best ever? Not quite. He ranks eighth.

Game 5 of the 2015 NBA Finals will be remembered for two monstrous games from each team’s most valuable player: LeBron James’s second triple-double of the Finals for the Cavaliers and Stephen Curry’s sharpshooting from beyond the arc for the Warriors.

James’s 40 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists weren’t enough to overcome the smaller, dangerous Warriors. Statistically, this was James’s second-best game of the series — his Game Score rating (30.7) was outstanding, but the effort wasn’t enough to carry his team. Game Score measures a player’s productivity for a single game. Curry’s 37 points and seven three-pointers gave him a similar rating of 28.4, making this one of the highest combined Game Scores by two opposing players in a Finals game.

Though the Cavaliers are now facing elimination, James’s series performance is back on track after his Game 4 struggles. He is tied for the eighth-highest cumulative Game Score for a Finals since 1978. Shaquille O’Neal’s dominant performance from the 2000 Finals is the highest (30.6).

Note: The graphic previously stated LeBron was ninth all-time. We overlooked his one steal from the Game 5 box score. His adjusted Game Score climbs from 29.7 to 30.7. His cumulative rating now moves him into sole possession of eighth place. Source: | By Todd Lindeman and Richard Johnson/TheWashington Post June 10, 2015
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