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(Manu Fernandez/AP)
France and Australia are through to the knockout stage from Group D, joined by Argentina and Poland in Group C after a whirlwind day in Qatar.
Everything you need to know about the World Cup bracket and knockout round schedule.
Star forward Christian Pulisic scored in the first half and the U.S. men's national team defeated Iran, 1-0, at the World Cup in Qatar.
The players on Iran’s national soccer team braved a firestorm, even before they were defeated by the United States on Tuesday.
England won World Cup Group B with seven points, having looked sublime, suitable and so-so during its three matches.
For two nations that have no diplomatic relations and no shortage of political enmity, there were plenty of tensions that had nothing to do with qualification.
With the World Cup win over Switzerland, Brazil booked a breathe-easy third match in group play against Cameroon.