The Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, 7-1, Saturday night. Two men from Philadelphia were caught trying to steal ivy from Wrigley Field early Sunday morning. (David Banks/Getty Images)

Two Pennsylvanian men were arrested early Sunday morning after attempting to steal ivy from Wrigley Field.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the pair “managed to squeeze through metal security bars, climb through a window and tried to steal ivy from the stadium, authorities said.”

Kevin Burge and Steven Gudknecht, both 25, were charged with misdemeanor trespassing when they were arrested at Wrigley about 3:45 a.m., police said. Team security spotted them on closed-circuit cameras, entering the stadium, and when police arrived, the two were “found on the field, as they were trying to get ivy,” said Chicago Cubs spokesman Julian Green.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Police News Affair Officer John Mirabelli said that police did not find evidence that anything was stolen or damaged, adding that he did not know how the men — both over 6-feet-tall — managed to squeeze through the bars.

“When you have two individuals intent on committing foul play, they are going to find a way,” said Green, saying that going through the security bars poses “serious bodily harm” to anyone who tries it.

Chicago Tribune

Green added that the two were likely fans who wanted the ivy as a souvenir.

The Chicago Cubs defeated the visiting Philadelphia Phillies 7-1 Saturday night to go 2-1 in the three-game series.

The next court date for Burge and Gudknecht is scheduled for Sept. 26.