Springpad, yet another productivity app, offers the unusual feature of using your notes to make recommendations, often anticipating what you want to do. Whereas apps such as Evernote are a good catch-all for the things you come across each day, Springpad is better for managing information.

The interface makes it simple to write reminders and add photos and audio. You can scan a barcode, then save it to a notebook with the theme of your choice. By default it’s called “My First Notebook,” but you can make it “Party Planning,” “College Tours” or whatever you want. From there, Springpad looks at what you’ve noted and recommends links to help you fill our your research. If you’ve saved a restaurant profile, for example, it will pull up Yelp reviews or the restaurant’s address.

This is not a simple app. But once you get started, it might actually work to make your life easier. Free, for Android and iOS.

— Hayley Tsukayama