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Statement from House Speaker Michael Busch on Del. Lisanti

Updated Feb 26, 2019 at 3:48 PM EST


                             Michael E. Busch, Speaker

For Immediate Release:

February 26, 2019


ANNAPOLIS, MD – House Speaker Michael E. Busch today issued the following statement:

This morning, Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti apologized to the House Democratic Caucus for her use of the n-word. While I believe her apology was heartfelt, the damage among her colleagues and the public has been done.

I met with her this morning and expressed my extreme disappointment and concern over her irresponsible and hurtful actions. I informed her that she would no longer chair the Unemployment Insurance Subcommittee, as I believe that leaders in the House need to be able to bring people together- not tear them apart.

There is no member of the House of Delegates that is less than or inferior to any other member. As Speaker, I will demand that every member treat each other with the respect and dignity that they deserve – and also treat the citizens of Maryland that way.

I hope that through the sensitivity training that Delegate Lisanti has agreed to and the help of her colleagues, she will develop a greater understanding of the impact that she has had on her fellow legislators and the entire House of Delegates. Like anyone who has made a mistake, she has the opportunity for redemption – but it is her responsibility to do so and earn back the trust of her colleagues.

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