Stephen Prothero
Professor, Department of Religion, Boston University

Prothero is a Professor in the Department of Religion at Boston University and the author of numerous books on American religion.

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COMMENTARY: Is the Hobby Lobby Bible elective objective?

On April 14, the school board in Mustang, Okla., voted to institute an elective Bible course. This is not news. More than a thousand U.S. public schools offer Bible as literature courses.

COMMENTARY: India's fundamentalists win this round

After the egging, the pulping. In London in 2003, a protester threw an egg at University of Chicago Sanskrit scholar Wendy Doniger, who was lecturing on the popular Hindu epic the Ramayana. The egg missed its mark, but during the Q-and-A other protesters continued the assault, insisting that non-Hindus such as Doniger had no right to tell them what Hinduism is all about.

Jesus the revolutionary

Jesus the revolutionary

In “Zealot,” Reza Aslan argues that Jesus of Nazareth was a man at war, not a man of peace.

Thomas Jefferson, our least Christian president

During a recent trip to Washington, I took in two exhibits on Thomas Jefferson at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History: one on slaves at Monticello and the other on the cut-and-paste version of the Gospels known as the Jefferson Bible.