Lisa Benson

Politically conservative, artistically brilliant cartoons that speak to mainstream America.
Recent Work
Lisa Benson, a freelance artist and graphic designer who has drawn local cartoons for the Victor Valley (Calif.) Daily Press since 1992, came to the attention of the Writers Group through Opinion Page Editor Steve Williams, who touted her work to a syndicate sales rep during a recent visit. The Writers Group asked Benson for samples of national interest and was “blown away” by her work.
“Steve Williams knows of what he speaks. Lisa Benson is a rare talent who can illustrate a major news story in a single drawing and convey her ideas to readers in very few words,” said Alan Shearer, Writers Group editorial director. “Conservative describes her politically. Brilliant describes her artistically. A combination of artistic talent, moral indignation and strong point of view mesh somehow to produce some of the finest work I have ever seen from a local cartoonist.”
A native Californian, Benson lives in Apple Valley with her husband, Gregory, a building designer. They have four children, ages 18 to 26.
2000 1st honors from the California Newspaper Publishers Association
2004 2nd honors from the California Newspaper Publishers Association
2005 2nd and 3rd Place from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Inland Southern California Chapter
"Mix a snifter of Bill Mauldin, a dash of Jeff MacNelly and a very large dollop of common sense, and you begin to get an idea of Lisa Benson's considerable talent."-  Steve Williams, opinion page editor, Victor Valley (Calif.) Daily Press