Signe Wilkinson

Her left-leaning bite makes readers think, as soon as they stop laughing.
Recent Work
Wilkinson started her career as a reporter. Back in the newsroom, she began drawing the people she was supposed to be reporting on. She realized cartooning combined her interests in art and politics without taxing her interest in spelling. After a year of remedial art school, including a stint at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, she began freelancing at several Philadelphia and New York publications, finally landing a full-time job at the San Jose Mercury News in 1982.
Professional experience
- Reporter at West Chester (PA) Daily Local News
- Cartoonist at San Jose Mercury News
- Cartoonist at Philadelphia Daily News
- President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (1994-1995)
One Nation under Surveillance (Cartoonist Group, 2005)
Illustrations for You Bet Your Tomatoes (re-issued in 2008)
Illustrations for Mike McGrath's Book of Compost (Sterling, 2006)
Contributor to the cartoon collection of Sex and Sensibility (Twelve, 2008)
Wilkinson values her intensely unremarkable family life which is marked by her interest in growing outdoor lilies, killing indoor orchids, finding an easy way to match her husband's socks and trying to figure out the best way to answer the question, "Mom, what's so funny about small hands?"
1992 Pulitzer Prize
2008 & 2002 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award
1991 Berryman Award
2006, 2002 & 1997 Overseas Press Club Award
Wilkinson is "the Pennsylvania state vegetable substitute" -- Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1989).
The Indian Institute of Cartoonists hosted an exhibit of Signe's work Oct. 6-20, 2018, in the Indian Cartoon Gallery in Bengaluru (Bengalore).
Signe was featured in the Politico article “Drawing Trump.” Read it here.
Signe's speech at Drexel University: "No Safe Spaces: Cartooning in the Age of Trump"