Barney & Clyde

Challenges us through an unlikely friendship between a millionaire and a homeless man.
Recent Work
Barney -- J. Barnard Pillsbury -- is the billionaire founder and CEO of Pillsbury Pharmaceuticals. Barney thinks he has it all – power, wealth, a pampered existence with a statuesque trophy wife – until he meets Clyde Finster, an intelligent, entertaining (and possibly crazy) street person. Clyde’s satisfaction with his circumstance surprises and confounds Barney, whose success in life has been hard-fought and won. For Clyde, Barney’s acceptance is validation of a life lived without compromise.
About the Creators
Gene Weingarten is a college dropout and the nationally syndicated humor columnist for The Washington Post. He is a two-time Pulitzer winner for his feature writing. Dan Weingarten is a former college dropout and a current college student majoring in information technology. At a very young age, he was taught that humor is valued above all other virtues; this accounts for both his wit and his complete lack of social graces. Horace LaBadie, who describes himself as a "bitter recluse," began submitting scripts in 2013 and has become an indispensable part of the writing team. Cartoonist David Clark has been a freelance illustrator for newspapers, magazines and books for more than 20 years. Clark has earned several illustration awards including the National Cartoonists Society’s Newspaper Illustration Reuben Award in 1996. 
Meet the Characters

J. Barnard Pillsbury

A self-made success, he is the billionaire founder and CEO of Pillsbury Pharmaceuticals. Barney thinks he has it all: wealth, power, prestige, a palatial home, a statuesque trophy wife.

Clyde Finster

A self-made failure, he is a man of no fixed address but with a fixed and centered outlook on life. Perpetually unshaven and unkempt, Clyde carries himself with defiant dignity. He will happily panhandle but is neither a crook nor a lush - feast for the enterprising philosopher

Lucretia Pillsbury

Barney's better half knows she's a trophy wife and isn't at all happy about it. Lucretia is plenty smart but feels she isn't taken seriously, least of all by her stepdaughter, Cynthia.

Cynthia Pillsbury

Barney's daughter from a previous marriage, Cynthia is a born subversive: an art prodigy, a cheerful iconoclast, a devout cynic and, despite her best efforts to conceal it, a daddy's girl.

Dabney Mountbatten III

Clyde's sidekick lives on the streets. He lacks Clyde's wisdom, intellectual curiosity and moral compass. A charitable assessment is that he is an enthusiastic conniver; less charitably, a con man.

Ms. Foxx

Barney's super-competent administrative assistant at Pillsbury Pharmaceuticals. She has the boss's trust and respect, and his number

Duane Butkis

Barney's young, ambitious chief assistant. He is a scheming, wisecracking, sexist corporate lickspittle. And those are his good points.


The Pillsburys' live-in cook and resident realist, she adroitly navigates the chilly waters between Cynthia and Lucretia.


Barney's valet and chauffeur is discreet and inscrutable. Charles is rumored to have eyes, but only his wife knows for sure

Ebenezer Pillsbury

Grumpy, grouchy, obstinate, obstreperous, cantankerous, truculent, and crotchety, he is Cynthia's loving grandpa and role model.


aka Fluffykins McNeedsahug, Clyde's adorable companion is an effective fundraising assistant, but Adolf exists mostly for the strip's plush-toy licensing potential.