The laugh-out-loud side of family and relationships.
Recent Work
Brian Crane’s Pickles is a laugh-out-loud comic strip gem. Featuring Earl and Opal Pickles, who have been married for over 50 years, it shows the funny side of family and friendships. Earl and Opal share their golden years with their 30-something daughter Sylvia, her husband, Dan and their beloved grandson Nelson. Their dense dog Roscoe and cynical cat Muffin also enliven the Pickles’ household. Whether observing the differences between genders and generations or taking a wry but sympathetic look at life in the twilight years, Crane’s good-natured wit and dry humor are sure to please readers of all ages. In 2013, he won cartooning's highest honor, the Reuben Award for "Cartoonist of the Year" for his 2012 work. In 1995 and 2001, Pickles was nominated for best comic strip of the year by the National Cartoonists Society, winning the coveted award in 2001 and again in 2020. Pickles has topped comics polls across the nation again and again, and it appears in 900 newspapers around the world. In 2015, Baobab Press published a Pickles collection entitled, "25 Years of Pickles." Previous Pickles collections are "Oh Sure! Blame it on the Dog!" (2013), "How Come I Always Get Blamed for the Things I Do?" (2010), "Let's Get Pickled!" (2006), "Still Pickled After All These Years" (2002), "Pickles, Too: The Older I Get, The Better I Was" (1999), and "Pickles" (1998).
About the Creator
Soon after Pickles’ debut in 1990, Crane “retired” as an art director for an advertising agency in Reno, Nevada, to devote his full attention to his comic strip. Although he often used cartoon figures in ads he designed, Pickles is his first syndicated comic strip. Crane was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He graduated with a degree in art from Brigham Young University in 1973. Crane lives near Reno with his wife, Diana. He's the proud father of seven and grandfather of 19.  
Meet the Characters


Earl is a retiree with way too much free time on his hands. His main hobbies are teaching his grandson important things, like that the best way to find something you lost is to buy another, and driving his wife Opal crazy.


Opal is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, Red Hat Lady and cat servant. She loves Earl, but don't ask her to choose between Earl and Muffin.


Nelson is the grandson of Earl and Opal. He likes staying with them because they have the same bedtime as him.


Dan, a wildlife photographer, wished for and won Sylvia's hand in marriage. If life with Sylvia and Nelson were meat and potatoes, life with Earl and Opal for in-laws would be the appetizer... mixed nuts.


The daughter of Earl and Opal, and mother of Nelson by a previous marriage, Sylvia is a Type A personality in a Type D family.


A cat with little patience for humans, Muffin tries to maintain her superiority over them while having to beg for her Meow Mix.


Roscoe is a dog of little brain and uncertain pedigree. His one regret in life is that he wasn't born a golden retriever.


Pearl is Opal's devoted sister, though she thinks Opal could have done better in the marriage department.


Clyde is Earl's buddy and fellow park-bench philosopher. His out-of-control hair is the result of a hair plug transplant operation gone awry.